What we can learn from Canadian Geese

Around golf courses, Canadian Geese are often seen as pests. Posh places will pay to keep them away. With that said, there is so much more to Canadian Geese than their poop. Words such as inspiring and motivational can be used to describe the Canada Goose.

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Here are 5 facts about the Canada Goose that may leave you impressed:

1) They are extremely devoted to their life partner. Canadian Geese raise their young together and they also remain together until death do them part. Sadly, if one of them dies the other one stays near the deceased body and mourns. My sister-in-law witnessed a Canadian Goose standing beside a road kill goose for several days. She said that it was heart breaking to watch the goose nudge and honk at the deceased. After the death of their loved one, whether or not they take another partner is individual for each goose. Some do, some don’t.

2)  If a baby goose is separated from their parents, a pair of Canadian Geese who are raising goslings will accept the orphan. They are fully aware that the gosling is not theirs, yet, choose to raise the orphan as their own.

3) They see the value in team work and encouragement. By flying in a V formation they are at significantly more effective in flight than if they flew on their own. The geese communicate during flight with various honking. Often the ones at the back (with the easiest flight) honk to encourage the ones at the front (carrying the heaviest part of the load).

4) Canadian Geese follow a leader and take turns leading. The goose in the front of the V formation has the hardest job; they are breaking the flow of air and everyone else is benefiting. The leader is also guiding the direction of the flock. When the one at the front needs a break, he/she goes to the back of the line and another moves to the front and leads the way.

5) They stick together and never leave one behind. If a goose becomes sick or injured in flight, two Canadian Geese will leave the flock to stay with the one that needs a break. They do this to help protect the one goose and also to keep him or her company.

We humans can learn from and be inspired by Canadian Geese. With all of their positive characteristics, the Canada Goose (instead of the Beaver) could be Canada’s national symbol.

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