Tips for NOT gaining weight while on vacation

Since I have been loosing 1-2 pounds per week recently, I must admit that I’m a little concerned about gaining weight while on vacation. It’s one thing to eat healthy while preparing your own breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. It’s certainly another to be on vacation where you figure out breakfast, lunch and dinner on the road. Maybe this would be easier if we stayed in one place for a week or longer at a time. We tend to travel “amazing race”  style where we are rarely in one place 2 nights in a row. The following is what we are going to attempt while on the road this summer. I’ll have to come back and report how well it worked (or didn’t). Here’s what we are going to attempt:

1. When able, stop into a grocery store to buy some fruit and veggies to snack on. We imagine that sometimes we’ll have to limit the fruit and veggies to ones that don’t need washing such as: banana’s, oranges, baby carrots, and peas (eating the inside only in this case).

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2. When breakfast is not included in our accommodation, buy a tub of yogurt (provided we have a mini fridge) and fruit the night before . We’ll be utilizing any free breakfasts our hotel may provide and will be sure to head for the hard boiled eggs and yogurt if available.

3. Eat our “big meal out” at lunch as much as possible instead of dinner. This gives our body more time to burn the calories from the meal and will also save us money by having light dinners.

Do you have any tips to add re: eating healthy while vacationing? If so, I’d love to hear them. Comment away… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tips for NOT gaining weight while on vacation”

  1. Well, this is an odd suggestion, and not related to food, but whenever Andy and I vacation we end up doing a lot of walking. It probably depends on where you’re going and what’s around, but if you find ourself in a cute little section of town, or in a touristy area, walking around for a while would probably pair well with the healthy eating and allow you to get exercise while still enjoying your time away.

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