Comments people make when you loose weight…

Recently, I have lost weight. As I continue to loose about 1 pound per week, people are starting to notice more and more. Here are some of the comments I’ve heard so far, starting with the not-so-helpful:

1) “You have lost weight! You should go on vacation more often” – Grandma. This is the same Grandmother who told me that I had gained weight. I had to explain to her that my weight loss was in progress long before we went on vacation. If only it were that simple to go on vacation and come back having shed lots of pounds 🙂

2) “I was going to say that I thought you had lost weight but then I didn’t want to just in case I was wrong” – co-worker. Hmm. This comment didn’t make me feel so warm and fuzzy. I’d rather she make a comment re: weight-loss and let me correct her if I hadn’t lost any.  Even if she were wrong and I hadn’t lost weight, I think it would still feel better than the “I wasn’t sure” comment.

Now on to the encouraging comments:

1) “You look great! What have you been doing?” – co-worker. This was very encouraging and also opened a door to share what has been working for me (i.e. staying away from processed foods).

2) When asked if I wanted cake at a retirement party and I declined, another lady said, “She’s being good and inspiring us all”. My heart was full. Not only was she encouraging me in my decision not to have cake but she also let me in on something I didn’t know – that others may be thinking about what they eat a little more now, too.

Advice: if you think someone has lost weight, please say something! Loosing weight is very hard work. It often takes a while for anyone to notice. Telling a person that you noticed that they lost weight can be the fuel that keeps them going.

One thought on “Comments people make when you loose weight…”

  1. I think people are reluctant to say anything because so many people are too sensitive and don’t know how to gracefully accept a complete. I know I didn’t and I had to make myself reply gracefully.

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