Eating Clean Shopping List

I have had several people ask me to share my diet and the recipes that have led to my weight loss. The good news is that “clean eating” or “whole foods” or “natural, healthy meals” really do help a person to feel 10x better (more energy, less mood swings) and also can result in weight loss. The bad news is that I don’t really follow recipes. Yes, I’m one of those who may look at a recipe for inspiration and then go home and make it without the recipe near by. This serves me better for cooking than baking! For today, I’ll share some examples of what I tend to eat for my meals or snack on. I also want to include this list of foods that are totally appropriate/healthy to eat:

Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with some fruit <– I eat this most often! Or an omelet with a variety of veggies. Occasionally,  Steel Oats with apple slices cooked in.
Previously: I used to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, every day.

Mid-morning: Coffee. I drink regular coffee with only milk.
Previously: I used to have 2 sugars with every coffee.

Lunch: Often I bring to work with me  a smallish portion of left-overs from dinner. If there are no left-overs I tend to grab a bunch of stuff like 2 hard-boiled eggs, some apple sauce (sugar-free), a banana (very filling!), etc.
Previously: I had Lean Cuisine type lunches.

Snack: If I’m hungry at the end of my work day, I grab about 5 unsalted almonds and eat them before I head out (I have a 40 minute drive home).
Previously:  I’d be so hungry when I got home that I’d head straight for the chips and salsa prior to making dinner.

Dinner: Sometimes this could be a salad (with protein and lots of other tasty ingredients).  More often it’s meat and veggies (and sometimes a sweet potato).  As we head into winter, I imagine that homemade Chili and soups will be frequent. We eat beans (i.e. black beans) as a side or as part of a dish  now.  If we eat pasta, it is now always whole wheat pasta and we are better about portion control. (We aren’t really dessert people so sorry I can’t help with many suggestions there! Besides fruit, apple crisp is the healthiest one we have made since we started eating “clean”).
Previously: some dinner items that are no longer with us are – french fries, white pasta, white rice, packaged sides (ex:Side Kicks), packaged soups, etc.

Snacks: these could be during the day or after dinner snacks, we try not to snack after dinner but it happens. Some of our new favourite snacks are:  a small glass of tomato juice with two pieces of Old Cheddar cheese (me), sunflower seeds in the shell (me), frozen grapes (hubby), organic dark chocolate (both but mainly hubby), an orange (hubby), popcorn made at home (both of us).  With the cooler weather, we are finding ourselves having tea often in the evenings.

There you have it.  What we eat isn’t earth shattering. It’s basic foods that our grandparents grew up on (minus the pie). It’s whole foods that don’t have 5+ ingredients that I can’t pronounce let alone vouch for.  And surprisingly, it’s really not terribly difficult or depressing to eat this way.  We still enjoy food, we don’t starve ourselves, and we feel better. Oh and we’ve both lost weight, the needing to buy new clothes kinda weight loss. Not too shabby 🙂

2 thoughts on “Eating Clean Shopping List”

  1. I really like this. I have heard so much about clean eating from people who take it to extreams and would “never buy their bread or pasta ew.” I just don’t have time for that. Your post sounds like what we eat 85% of the time… we need to “clean up” some more, but it was more encouraging to read than condemning.

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