Book Review: Kisses from Katie


This is the story of a well-to-do American girl who leaves her yellow convertible behind to live in Uganda for a year after high school. She ends up feeling that Uganda is home and stays (she later ends up adopting 13 girls).

Where to begin? I was looking for a book that may challenge me to grow in faith. Kisses from Katie did just that. This book is difficult for me to critique as it felt more like an experience than a book. I’d compare reading Kisses from Katie to going on a missions trip. Have you ever heard a person come back from a missions trip and say that they have a hard time explaining what it was like and how it changed them for the better? This is how I feel reflecting on Kisses from Katie.

Warning: this book may cause you to want to leave everything you know and live in a 3rd world country. At the very least, you may look at your own wealth and ability to help others in a new way. Katie states that she doesn’t want all of her readers to move to Uganda, rather, she wants us to see that there’s more we are capable of doing right where we are at. This is a book that was an experience that has left me wrestling. I highly recommend it!


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