Tips for dealing with the attention of weight loss

This year, I lost 30 pounds in 6 months time. I am short. Based on comments made on a weekly basis, people have noticed. Now, if you are at all like me, you may feel a little uncomfortable with receiving this new found attention. Here’s an example of this week:

Wednesday: man next to me at the coffee station in the cafeteria says, “I’ve just gotta tell you something and I hope it’s okay…” me: “yes?” him: “you have lost a lot of weight! I mean, wow! How many pounds?” For anyone wondering, he wasn’t trying to pick me up. He’s gay.

Thursday: lady in another work setting (who I barely know) says to me, “you have lost a lot of weight! How did you do it?”

Friday: a work acquittance, “you have lost a LOT of weight, haven’t you? What have you done?”

Here’s what I have found helpful in responding to these types of comments from people that I barely know:

1. It’s important to remember that these people are both curious and attempting to compliment. I’ve found saying something like this helps: “Yes, I have lost weight. Thank you”.

2. Wait to see if they want to know how you lost your weight. Often, they ask. This is an open door to share what has worked for you. For me it’s: 1. I cut out processed foods and sugar 2. I eat way more veggies and fruit and try to have protein at every meal and 3. I have more energy as a result.

3. Don’t lie or “sugar coat” the experience. I tell people that it was super hard for the first 2 weeks. That I never pictured myself capable of eating like I do now. And that I wish I could say that I lost my weight through exercise but that I can’t. It was through clean eating only.

4. Don’t let the compliments go to your head. The problem is that the more confident we feel in how well we are doing, the more likely we are to slip up. There have been many studies to this effect. Ex: someone who works out feels more entitled to eat a donut that day. Just because someone reminds me of my weight loss doesn’t mean that I get to “reward” myself with the very thing that I’ve cut out to loose weight! 🙂

5. Enjoy the attention while you can (while not letting it go to your head). If your weight loss becomes life-long (which is the plan) then soon people won’t remember you at your previous size. Your new weight will be your new normal. The phase where people who barely know you are giving you weight-loss compliments will end. Try and enjoy the attention while you can.

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