The Food Pyramid has Brainwashed a Nation

Recently, while speaking with a Brit, I learned that England did away with the “food pyramid”. I find it interesting that the Canadian food pyramid has more farmers influencing it than nutritionists, with the large majority being wheat farmers (can you say biased?). Since the food pyramid’s introduction, we have been gaining weight as a nation instead of gaining health. Yes, the introduction of fast food has something to do with this. But encouraging a nation to eat 6-8 slices of bread per day (or equivalent in grains) as “healthy fiber” can’t be helping.

An example of our nation’s brainwashing re: nutrition comes in the form of a mother being told that her child’s lunch was not balanced enough and that the child needed to eat Ritz Crackers:

ImageThe day that we believe that Ritz Crackers are adding an essential nutrient to a child’s diet we must surrender defeat. We have been brainwashed by the people who want us to buy their products.

I used to believe that the Food Pyramid was the be all and end all nutritionally speaking. I thought that the government had our best interest at heart. So I ate a diet full of grains thinking that I was doing a great thing for my body. I even felt that I was helping myself be “regular” by eating lots of grain products. Because grains are the only good way to obtain fiber, right? 😉

What’s interesting is that when I eat grains like the food guide suggests (ex: 6-8 slices of bread per day): I gain weight. Yup, lots of weight. And when I eat a reduced grain diet; go figure, I lose weight! I also don’t feel as stuffed or bloated as a result.  I experience less food cravings or energy crashes.  And good news – I’m not constipated! hehe. Who knew that there was sufficient fiber in fruits and veggies?  And what about the “magical” fruit (beans)?

This leaves me wondering….Food Pyramid: are you lying to us? Are you doing more harm than good? I am suspicious. Farmers have helped to form a food guide that is bent towards consuming grains at every meal. Don’t get me wrong, I love farmers! But maybe there’s some $$ involved here? Maybe. Just maybe…

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