Finding the cure for rumination in the movie Frozen, improving house work productivity, and the most annoying thing people say re: grief

I feel like doing one of those “Recently I’m” blog posts. But I don’t wish to write about what I’m reading or eating lately. Rather, I’d like to reflect on what I’m working on and thinking about. I promise to keep it brief.

Recently I’m

1. Thinking that the best gift from the movie Frozen are these three words: LET IT GO. While I don’t think that the movie lived up to the hype, I now sing, “let is go, let it go” to myself at times.  Do you ever have nagging thoughts re: Image“I should have done/said ____ instead”? When I experience those, I now sing to myself, “let is go…let it go” and it seems to help.

2. Trying to accomplish 3 things each evening. I tend to feel tired and unmotivated to do house work or run errands after work (who doesn’t?!). I’d much rather come home and do nothing. While relaxing is necessary, work around the home also needs to get done. I’m trying to strike a good balance. In the last week or so, I’ve been operating from a “just do 3 things” approach. Once I have accomplished three productive things (whether big or small), I then give myself full permission to relax. An example of the three things could look like: do a load of laundry, write a thank you card, clean a bathroom. I’ve tried operating from a cleaning schedule before (certain things on certain days of the week) and I can’t even make it a week before I break the schedule. Accomplishing 3 things per day seems to be working great so far.

3. Feeling annoyed when people say “time heals all things” re: grief. No, no, no. Time does not heal all things. Time does heal a fracture of the bone but the emotional heart is much more complex. Does time make the pain of loss more bearable? Maybe. Yet, time alone does not completely heal a broken heart. Some people experience heartache so raw and deep that there’s always a chip missing on their heart. Over time, people learn how to live with a new reality. But they don’t forget, they aren’t the same. Time alone does not return the heart to the exact same shape it was in prior to the heartbreak.

That’s all folks. What are you trying or thinking about lately?

13 thoughts on “Finding the cure for rumination in the movie Frozen, improving house work productivity, and the most annoying thing people say re: grief”

    1. I know that there are parents who are sick of the song, “Let it Go”. Luckily, I only heard the song once and the words are so appropriate. Thanks for sharing that you can relate!

  1. What am I thinking about lately….? Well, I’m sitting here at work, staring at numbers, realizing my job completely bores me, that there must be more to life than this. But what… considering those darn bills keeps showing up everyday!

    1. Been there. It’s tough being in a job that we don’t enjoy. Any chance of making a change? Either career wise or cutting down on spending (revisiting the budget) to see if you can work less hours?

      1. Well, we are moving in a year, so I feel like it’s not fair to a company to start now knowing that. But on the other hand, a year is a long time to dislike 40+ hours a week of your life. I’ll need to start searching the internet, maybe there is something better out there for me…

    1. Let me know how it goes! I’m finding that it helps me to feel accomplished every day. And then when I give myself permission to relax, I enjoy it more.

  2. LOVE your “3 things” idea. I might try that. All I want to do when I get home is sit on the couch under a blanket and stay there until bed time 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’ve saved your “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” post to read soon! That saying has bothered me for some time now. Thanks again for your comment!

      1. I think “time heals all things” and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” come from the same place – a lack of understanding and a need to say something without realizing that these things wont help.
        Anyways, thanks again for sharing and happy reading!

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