19 weeks

What is baby up to at 19 weeks? (from baby center)

Congratulations! You’re around the halfway mark in your pregnancy. You’ll start growing even more rapidly in the weeks to come, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself slowing down.

Her hearing is developing, and she’ll be getting used to the sound of your voice. Tiny teeth are also forming in her gums.

New: Since my last post (16 weeks), I’ve noticed a real change in my lower abdomen. It feels like I’m bloated/trying to push out my stomach 24/7 but I’m not. I kinda thought that pregnancy belly would feel like normal weight gain (as I’ve been heavier before), but its different already! And a weird thing –Β  I think my belly button isn’t quite as deep.
Weight gain: I’m up 5 pounds since our BFP. We were also on vacation the last 2 weeks so I’m interested to see if I go down a pound or two after eating “normal” again πŸ™‚
Sleep: Pretty good when I’m not worried about our dogs who are both sick at the same time 😦 This has never happened to us before.
Movement: I’ve twice wondered “is that movement?” in the last week but not confident yet. I’m now curious what movement felt like for others.
Symptoms: I feel slightly less tired and a ton less nauseous. It’s now becoming rare that I feel sick before or after eating. The biggest complaint is my lower back. When I lay down at the end of the day (or anytime) my lower back pinches in such a way that I’m afraid that I’ll do damage if I move. I think it’s time to see a massage therapist and/or chiropractor as it’s only going to get worse.
Looking forward to: buying some maternity pants ASAP. My pants aren’t fitting me anymore. I had someone tell me yesterday that I’m not showing for being almost half way. This has a lot to do with me still wearing my regular pants and shirts. Looking forward to the comfort of mat pants!

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