Feeling movement for the first time!

I think I felt you move the other night.

I was laying on my back, ready for bed, and the world was so still.

Yet there was a rumbling in my lower abdomen.

No this didn’t feel like gas or indigestion.

It felt like teeny tiny fireworks. Or was it moving water bubbles?

The movement I felt is hard to describe.

I put my hand to my lower belly and got a big surprise.

I felt two kicks, really! One after the other, and that was it.

How could I go 19 weeks with feeling nothing and then get to feel kicks from the outside?

I’m not sure, I do question if I felt you before that glorious night.

On our vacation, I once thought that I felt a tickle in my uterus area.

But I questioned that because movement doesn’t feel like a tickle, right?

Then the night before the indescribable movement with two kicks, I thought I felt something, just once, very quick.

On Monday November 17th, at my Grandmother’s house (whose birthday is this little one’s due date), I felt you move.

This time, there was no doubt that it was you.

Your movement felt like a Christmas present. A gift of joy.

I’ve always loved you little one.

Feeling you move made my heart swell.

I’m thankful for the gift of you!

*I was 19 weeks + 3 days on Monday November 17th.

7 thoughts on “Feeling movement for the first time!”

    1. I was disappointed that it didn’t happen on our vacation (weeks 17 and 18), but the first time experience at 19 weeks was more than I could have hoped for! Can’t wait for you to experience movement too πŸ™‚

      1. I think I am feeling flutters, but I am not 100% sure. I suppose it could be gas too. I am waiting for that undeniable baby movement!!!! =)

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