Side effects of pregnancy

In the last week, I’ve really popped. Prior to now, people would tell me, “you don’t even look pregnant for being 20 weeks!” and “I wouldn’t have known you were pregnant”. Somewhere between 22-23 weeks, that all changed. And boy, my body feels it!The best way that I can describe it is feeling bloated all the time. Some days the feeling is worse than others. To be honest, this has panicked me a bit. I can’t help but go there: “if I feel this way at 23 weeks what will I feel like at 33 weeks…try 40 weeks! ee!!”. My weight gain has been slow up until now. In the last week, I’ve gained 2 pounds. Now, some of that may be from all of the Christmas potlucks that I’ve been privileged to attend 🙂 I’m not so concerned about the weight gain as I am about feeling uncomfortable this early on. I’ve made a goal to exercise (low impact) three times a week. I’m hoping that will help a little (I know that some of this is inevitable).

Here are some of my “side effects” of pregnancy up until 23 weeks:

– my thyroid was tested at 5 weeks (I have hypothyroidism) and I needed a small dose increase already. In that short window my TSH had increased from 1.8 to 2.8.

– dry skin! lower legs flared up. my face developed some eczema spots on it as well.

– felt “normal” until week 6. Then nausea (feeling like I had to eat every 2 hrs or I’d be sick) kicked in for a good solid month. It left for a bit weeks 10-12, then came back at a lesser degree weeks 12-15 ish.

– food aversions. Ex: I couldn’t stand even the thought of raw veggies in trimester 1 (something I ate a lot of previously).

– #2 issues. from constipation to hemorrhoids. to some days being more regular than my pre-pregnant self.

– tired. oh so tired. some days I’m much better than others. then there’s times I feel like I’m going to fall asleep no matter what I’m doing.

– lower back pain if I do too much cleaning or cooking in one day.

– I may be experiencing braxon hicks at times. My lower belly will suddenly feel tight and uncomfortable but it doesn’t last for long (fyi: it’s considered normal to feel braxton hicks in the 2nd trimester, although most feel them in the 3rd trimester).

– I think my vision has changed. specifically, my night vision. a dim lit room or driving at night bothers me where as it never did before.

– in the last week, I’ve noticed my sense of balance to be a bit off. Example: I used to put on my dress shoes standing up and now I sit down to put them on.

– between 22-23 weeks, started feeling constantly bloated as my belly grows.

Can you relate to any of these? Any “side effects” that you’ve experienced that aren’t on this list?

2 thoughts on “Side effects of pregnancy”

  1. I have dry skin, food aversions, fatigue/tiredness, a thyroid issue, and noticed a little bit of balance issues for awhile. This is week 16 for me. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with so much. For me, the fatigue/tiredness has been the worst. I keep waiting for it to get better because people say the second trimester is the “good” one. Oh, and the NP told me that I had “Pregnancy brain” today. Ha. Hang in there! It’s definitely going to be worth it! ❤

  2. Thanks! There’s a new side effect of pregnancy that I can now add to the list…stretch marks! I found some on my right hip area this morning. Barely noticeable but I’ve still got a long way to go re: having time to develop more stretch marks. ee! 🙂
    Oh and the second trimester has been better on the whole, hoping the fatigue lessens for you soon!

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