Need help for a dog with allergies: Part 2

I greatly appreciate the comments and support following my post re: Mowgli’s allergies. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve felt discouraged and defeated. When you’ve already spent a ton of money @ the vet and your dog isn’t showing ANY signs of improvement….that sort of thing can cause despair. I also have a timeline to solve this mystery as in April, I’ll be busy with a baby. I’m so hoping to eliminate this pet related stress before then!

Recapping what we’ve done:

1) we switched him from his usual dog food (of 4 years) that’s main ingredient was chicken to a new dog food that was chicken-free (salmon). his coat became amazing and it seriously cut down on shedding in our house by 50%!

2) we gave him (and all our other pets) a treatment of revolution. this is just to eliminate the cause of itchiness being from fleas or other parasites (although we and the vet don’t feel that this is his problem).

3) we switched his new dog food (salmon) to a fish free one with very limited ingredients. It’s not listed as being grain free but it has no rice, corn, soy, etc. the only meat fin this one is Lamb.

4) he’s still on his allergy meds, but I think in the week that he’s been on his new dog food that he’s less itchy. This totally could be wishful thinking but on the day that he misses his meds (he only gets them every other day) he seems to be more like himself.

5) In the last week, our dog Mya started scratching and licking like Mowgli! I thought there’s no way she’s developing food allergies now too (although it’s possible it would be very rare). I called and spoke with a vet at our clinic and she recommended bringing Mya in suspecting a bacterial infection. I couldn’t help my voice from cracking as imagined another vet fee ($70) on-top of all we’ve already spent this fall. As I was honest about the financial stress, she said that she wouldn’t do a full vet visit but just take a quick look at her. Thankfully, she kept her word and even waived the vet fee altogether! This was just the encouragement I needed this week with our pets.

So…it makes me wonder. If Mya was starting to get so itchy due to a bacterial skin infection, what if Mowgli has had the same thing? Back in September when he went on allergy meds, we also did a round of antibiotics. Would that be enough to rule out a skin infection or is it worth it to try another round of antibiotics to rule that out?

Next steps:

1) decrease his allergy meds (there’s predisone in his pills which isn’t healthy for him to be on for the long term!) and see if his change in diet has helped.

2) consider another round of antibiotics to rule out a skin infection?

3) if his new food isn’t helping, our next step will be to try a grain free dog food.

Anything I’m missing? Even though snow has not come and stayed for a long period of time, do you think seasonal allergies can be ruled out as the cause in December? Thanks for your help in the past and present! I’d love your comments as we haven’t arrived yet.

4 thoughts on “Need help for a dog with allergies: Part 2”

  1. My completely non-professional advice is that it’s either a bacteria or the food. Given our history with Sadie, I suggest trying a limited ingredient food (i.e. grain free, etc.) and one more round of antibiotics. And yes, salmon works wonders for their fur – we use a salmon oil on her kibble now as it makes such a big difference. 🙂

  2. We JUST started noticing this week that Chloe’s itching has been much better. I’m wondering if the consistent colder temperatures finally did their thing. We’ll be weening her off the prednisone this coming week and hopefully she’s ok for a while. Good luck – you’re doing all you can do. I know it can be so frustrating!

    1. Huh. Has your ground been snow covered or have you been below freezing for a while? We had a couple days of snow a week ago and I didn’t notice any difference in Mowgli. Now it’s back to above freezing with barely any snow but he’s getting better?

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