Pregnancy to-do list: Trimester 1, 2, and 3

I like to plan ahead. I’ve heard that having a baby can cramp your style in this regard 😉 But for now, I’ve found it helpful to have goals for each trimester. Ways to prepare for the arrival of a little one that is bound to rock our world.

Trimester 1:

– if you desire to get in with a midwife clinic, get on their waiting list shortly after finding out that you are pregnant!

– discuss when you’d want to tell friends and family, and have fun dreaming up how you’ll tell them.

– personally, I recommend focusing on house projects rather than baby related purchases or projects in Trimester 1. there’s bound to be a light that needs fixing or a window replaced before baby arrives.

– start discussing baby names. whether or not you’d want to find out the sex at the 20 week ultrasound. and a female-only or a co-ed baby shower?

– do you want a “babymoon” (one last vacation before the baby arrives)? If so, it’s recommended to do this sometime in Trimester 2.

Trimester 2:

– create your baby registry as soon as possible. this should help it to be less overwhelming and stressful as you have plenty of time to add or delete items off your registry. you may change your mind a lot! also, having your registry done long before your baby shower allows you to see when certain items go on sale or clearance beforehand.

– do you want to take a childbirth class? if so, which one? read online reviews and talk to people about the various classes offered in your area as you may find that one is more suited for what you’re looking for.

– if you are returning to work, you can never start too soon re: researching childcare options. you may need to visit daycare centers to narrow your list down or interview several babysitters. once you find your preference get your name on their list!

– photographer. do you want photos? what type: maternity, childbirth, newborn? in certain areas, you may need to make a deposit now to secure a spot for newborn photos (which usually happen before baby is 2 weeks old).

– think about what you plan to do for meals in those early weeks home with a newborn. can you afford to buy a chest freezer? if freezing meals ahead of time, do you plan to set a goal such as 1 frozen meal per week until baby is born? or do you plan to have a freezer party with another person and make as many meals as possible in one day?

Trimester 3:

– have a car seat (or know which one you’d want) and a bassinet or crib. these items are good to have ahead of time in case of pre-term labour.

– walk around your house and make a list of items that when you run out of, someone would need to run out to the store pronto. examples of this may be: toilet paper, toothpaste, dog food, etc. find a storage area in your house and stock up!

– have a “going into labour” plan. who will watch your children? or in our case, our dogs? decide how many people (and who!) you want at the hospital and visiting those early weeks home with a newborn. It’s OK to limit guests.

– if you haven’t already, give godparents and legal guardians (they can be separate roles and people) some thought. if you know exactly who you’d like to have fill these roles, there are many advantages to talking with them now before baby is born.

– mentally prepare for life with a newborn. read blogs about how challenging those early weeks + months can be. ask mom’s for the non-sugar coated version. learn from others. be a sponge.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to prepare, what you’ve done in the past, or what you wish you accomplished before baby arrived. Hopefully this “to-do” list sparked some new ideas for you or reminded you of items that had fallen off your radar. I’ve heard that nothing can prepare you for life with a newborn, but some of these things are bound to help, right? Let’s do what we can, when we can. Happy nesting!

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy to-do list: Trimester 1, 2, and 3”

  1. Just a thought here from experience: If you are considering childcare at a center or organization instead of an individual get your name on all the possibilities lists ASAP. You can always take your name off the list after you visit and decide where you want to go.

    Third Trimester: Enjoy spontaneity… dates out without having planned before hand. It will be a long time before you have the luxury (don’t worry, the baby is worth it :-).)

    Organize your clothes. Make sure you know where things are for the coming season you will be giving birth in. Your second semester stuff will most likely be what fits, so pre-baby clothes may fit depending on how loose they are. Make a list of items you will likely need to buy based on the season it will be, so when you have time to shop you will know to focus on. Ex: Summer baby:you will need shorts & a bathing suit (if you don’t have maternity in these items)
    Winter: you may need new sweaters or a coat. You will need knew jeans.

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