What scares me about having a baby

I’m going to be honest here. While I am super grateful to be expecting this little life, I also have fears. Here they are in no particular order:

1. How it will change my relationship with my husband. We have a really good thing going and it took years of marriage to get here. The change in our relationship once a child is here is likely what scares me the most.

2. I fear how I’ll view and treat the pets when baby arrives. While they annoy me at times now, I’m afraid that I’ll become one of those people who hates their pets after they have a baby.

3. I don’t want all that I do or care about to be my family and my family only. In these years without children, I’ve been able to serve in significant ways outside of our family unit (both at church and in our community).  I’ve observed that raising children limits this greatly. I don’t want to stop seeing the opportunities to pour into children, youth and adults outside of our nuclear family.

4. Labour and delivery! I don’t want an epidural (after reading about the cons) but I also don’t want the pain of childbirth. Ha! And life with a newborn. I’m afraid of the lack of sleep part, I get wicked headaches and feel very sick when I don’t get enough sleep. Yikes!

5. It’s scary to think that there’s a limited window of “normal” left before everything changes. You can’t go back. This is a forever kind of change. I’m trying to soak up a lot of  “lasts” but time is running out. Our lives are about to never be the same!

There you have it. My honest confessions about what scares me about having a baby. I have more but I’ll stop here. Can you relate to any of these fears? Do you have different ones?

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