How to save money on baby’s nursery

Your baby can have this crib for $65,000
Your baby can have this crib for $65,000

You’ve likely heard that having a baby is expensive. It sure doesn’t help that there’s this 1st world pressure to have a stellar nursery. If you aren’t careful, you can spend thousands of dollars on the nursery before it’s all said and done. It seems a bit strange of an investment when a) the baby really won’t appreciate all the $$ and time you spent b) that money could be better spent elsewhere (say starting a college fund). So whether your budget is tight due to finances or if its just your preference to not go overboard on the nursery, here’s some money saving tips:

1) look around your house to see if there’s any furniture or decorations that you’d like to use in the nursery. you can’t get much cheaper than using items your currently own! you may be able to use the item as-is or do creative touch up (paint?).

2) what item in the nursery is most important to you? which items are you willing to “go cheap” on? deciding this ahead of time should help you to stick to your priority spending plan.

3) think about the crib. do you plan to use it again for future children? if so, people often recommend a wood finish vs. a white crib (but I’ve seen a boys nursery’s with a white cribs and it totally worked). how much are you willing to spend on a crib? what’s your max? a new crib tends to range in price from $150 to $1,000+!

4) buying your furniture separately (not going the set route) tends to save a lot of money. this may mean that an espresso colour from one store isn’t the exact same espresso colour at another. you’re likely to be the only one who notices this. another option is to have non-matcy furniture for a chic look.

5) putting a change pad on top of a dresser (instead of buying a change table) will save you space and money.

We aren’t finished our nursery yet but are well on our way.  99% of what we’ve purchased already for baby was on-sale. The nursery is no exception. We ended up getting a graco crib that went on clearance for $125! The area rug was 50% off. We plan to use a dresser that we currently own in the nursery for additional storage and as the change table.

What’s next for us: finding a children’s bookshelf (we may be able to use one that we currently own), and hoping that we can snag a great deal on a glider chair. After that we have the task of decorating the walls! I’ve thought through various themes for a nursery and so far, none of them have come together. I’m leaning towards a no-theme nursery. We’ll see!

If you have any experiences or tips to add re: how to save money when decorating a nursery, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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