That one time my husband met Keith Urban

In November of 2014, we traveled to Nashville and attended the CMA awards. The morning of the awards, Keith Urban was scheduled to play outdoors for Good Morning America (Miranda Lambert and Tim Tebow were there as well). Even though Keith is my all-time most favourite country artist, Derek went on his own. It required a) getting up at 4am and b) standing in the pouring rain. Being pregnant, I already was worried about not being able to stay up to enjoy the CMA awards that evening. So Derek went to the Good Morning America event solo and got absolutely drenched. Good thing I wasn’t there because I would have wanted to leave as soon as the performance was over due to the rain. Instead, Derek stuck around and sure enough, Keith came out to meet his most loyal fans who a) waited to see him after the show and b) were cold and soaked. It can pay off to stick around after a concert or event. You can imagine my disbelief when I met up with Derek later that day and asked him how Good Morning America was. He casually said that it was good and that he met him. I laughed and said, “ya right!” He told me to take a look at our camera. Still not believing, I turned on the camera and this is what I saw:

indexThe first photo that Keith took of them was blurry, I’m so glad that he took two photos! And I couldn’t get over the fact that Keith Urban touched our camera 🙂 Even though I wasn’t there, we are both grateful for the memory.

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