Thoughts on pregnancy in the 3rd trimester

I’ve started to waddle. Not all the time, but it has begun. I now get why pregnant women walk this way! I find that I do this most when I first start walking after sitting. And sometimes (when I do too much)  my lower back hurts in such a way that my walk has to be a side to side waddle.

Carpal tunnel sucks. And who knew that it’s quite common in pregnancy?! It’s the worst after sleeping at night. I’m glad that I bought a brace that I only use for sleeping. It seems to be helping already. The carpal tunnel was so bad for a couple of days last week that I became very worried. I couldn’t do basic tasks (typing, writing, preparing meals, even brushing my teeth hurt) and was afraid of how I’d cope with carpal tunnel and a newborn. I hear that it sometimes goes away completely after the baby is born. That’s what I’m hoping for!

I’m surprised that I haven’t had any bizarre pregnancy cravings. And that besides the 1st trimester, my appetite has been fairly “normal” . I follow my hunger cues but they haven’t been as strong as I’d imagine in pregnancy. I’m actually really proud of myself re: weight gain in pregnancy. I’m someone who has struggled with weight since my teens. In recent years, with undiagnosed hypothyroid, I gained a lot of weight. Thankfully, I lost a bunch of weight before baby and healthy eating has helped me to learn when I just want something vs. when I’m truly hungry.

While preparing for labour via taking classes has been a positive experience, it’s also scary! I’m only weeks away from experiencing a physical pain like none other. I recently watched the documentary with Ricki Lake re: The Business of Being Born. Wow, that was eye opening! While I don’t know if I’ll end up having an epidural or not, it was fascinating to learn about the Oxytocin high that women experience after baby is born via natural labour.

I’ve been surprised by the lack of understanding of using a Midwife instead of an OB, as well as the benefits of having a doula. I’ve got comments of surprise when I tell people that we are with the Midwife clinic. A common comment is, “you’re not having a homebirth – are you?” We happen to be planning a hospital birth (to which people sigh with relief), but there are  many benefits to a homebirth that the public seems totally unaware of. And quite a few have never even heard of a doula. I feel super hippie that we are planning on using both! And lucky to have the opportunity.

I’m 32 weeks, and knock on wood – so far I haven’t come down with a cold or the flu during this pregnancy. I didn’t get the flu shot which turned out to be a good choice this winter as the flu shot was the wrong strand. Not getting sick at all by 32 weeks is a miracle considering how much sickness is going on this winter. But my luck may be about to run out as Derek’s started to get sick today 😦

One thing I’m afraid of re: welcoming our little one in about 8 weeks is how much my relationship with Derek will change. I’ve heard that we’ll often feel like strangers passing each other in the night. That scares me. I value the deep friendship and companionship that we share. 7 years married without children (almost 8 years) will surely prove to be quite the adjustment.

Third trimester. It’s hard to believe that I’m here. It feels like a dream at times. After I got out of the 1st trimester, this pregnancy has flown by. I think that I may miss pregnancy afterwards. It will be strange to go from me + baby inside me to just me. I’m sure as I get more uncomfortable as time goes by I’ll be eager to be done with pregnancy. But for now, I’m really trying to soak up these last days of pregnancy and this unique and fleeting time of just Derek and I. For before we know it: our lives will never look the same. Exciting and also, kinda scary. I think the 3rd trimester side effects of pregnancy will help to accept and embrace the inevitable change.

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