OLD WIVES TALES: Boy or a Girl?

I can’t believe that my due date is exactly a month away (April 10th). Sometime in the next month our lives will be rocked to the core. And at that same time, we’ll find out if we have a SON or a DAUGHTER. I haven’t written a birth plan yet, but was advised to write it on a index card (short and simple). So far, all I have for mine is: “wants husband to announce baby’s sex at time of birth”. I haven’t waited this long to find out to have some nurse tell me “its a boy” or “its a girl” 🙂 So, while there’s still time left to guess, I thought it may be fun to record some of the old wives tales surrounding gender and how I rank. Add your vote if you’d like! This will be interesting to look back on after our boy or girl is here. The one that’s in bold is what’s been true for me during this pregnancy:

Chinese Calendar: Girl
Bump: High (girl) or Low (boy)
Shape: Watermelon (girl) or Basketball (boy)
Dreams: Not one dream about a baby! I had one nighmare about an older child (girl) but that’s it.
Headaches: Yes (Boy) or No (Girl).  Only one at the beginning and none since. Love not having monthly migraines during pregnancy!
Heart-rate: High (girl) or Low (boy). At first 170, lately in the 150’s (should be between 120-160. The wives tale is that anything above 145 is girl).
Dry hands: Yes (boy) or No (girl)
Skin Blemishes: Yes (girl) or No (boy). Terrible eczema flair up that thankfully has died down now in trimester 3.
Food Cravings: Salty (boy) or Sweet (girl)… but this is as per my usual. I’ve also enjoyed ice cream during this pregnancy!
Morning Sickness: Yes (girl) or No (boy). While I didn’t throw up, I had nausea throughout trimester 1.

Other interesting fact that likely means nothing at all is that baby is totally on my right side and not my left.

So far, the majority have thought that we are having a girl but we’ve got some votes for boy. What’s your guess? And were the old wives tales true for you?

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