Reflections on pregnancy

As of tomorrow, I’ll be 3 weeks away from my due date. I figure that now is as good of time as ever to reflect over these last 9 months (yes, I’ve already been pregnant for 9 months as on my due date I’ll be 10 months!). Here are my short reflections of pregnancy with our little one.

The first trimester was rough. Yes, I did not enjoy the nausea that hit at 6 weeks and stuck around for many weeks, but it was more than that. I experienced spotting around 6 weeks and again at 12-13 weeks. Both times sent me into a panic that I may miscarry. The last spotting episode was the worst because it lasted for a week and I experienced some bright red spotting one evening.The first trimester was can be described in two words: nausea and anxiety.

Somewhere in the second trimester things changed. Maybe it was after feeling baby move that my anxiety started to dwindle. I bet that had something to do with it. Somewhere in the middle of trimester 2, worry started to fade and enjoyment of pregnancy grew. I began to work out 3x a week at week 23 and I think that helped me to feel less sore and more energetic. It took me a long time for people to start thinking that I was showing (although D and I noticed the bump appear at 16 weeks, it took others well into 20-30 weeks to start commenting).

The third trimester has had some surprises: carpal tunnel (brutal at times!), sickness (cold and food poisoning), and some more fun ones like how I enjoyed our childbirth classes. Premature labour was a worry of mine for some reason. I’ve heard stories of women totally surprised by pre-term labour and felt like they didn’t have a thing ready. I think its helped me to work on to-do lists. We’ve sure done a lot already but there’s more to-do before baby. I’m learning that I won’t be able to get it all done. At this point in pregnancy, I’m grateful to have made it this far. Pre-term labour for what that means for baby doesn’t worry me anymore. Still, I don’t have a desire yet to go early due to what I’d still like to get done at work and around home. Ultimately, I’m enjoying pregnancy and think that I’ll miss it. I like being pregnant. Feeling baby move is a little alien like but a really neat experience. I’m trying to soak up these final days of baby & me before our world totally changes.

Other things I’m grateful for: how we told our family and friends that we are expecting, taking a baby moon road-trip at the start of trimester 2, getting in with the midwives at 20 weeks, not finding out baby’s gender, the baby showers, and all of the experiences that D and I have shared together as we prepare for little ones arrival. I think the one thing I’m most grateful for is to have a true partner in this pregnancy. Someone interested, involved, and positive. From him suggesting we should go out to dinner to celebrate when I got my BFP, involved in the picking out of our stroller, helping get things checked off the to-do list, his excitement to meet baby, etc. I couldn’t be more grateful for the father of my child.

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