Life lately: 8 days til due date

Today’s my last day @ work. I’m finishing a day before I hit 39 weeks. I’ve been working extra hard these days to have my position in good shape for my replacement.

D and I had an appointment with a midwife who will be covering for our midwife if she decides to take a weekend off in April. The appointment was wonderful. She said that baby was “a perfect size”. She was very excited for us. After meeting her we feel at ease if she were to deliver our baby instead of our midwife.

On Tuesday, we went to Chapters and spent 2 hours reading through children’s books. I thought that I wanted a bunch from my childhood but after reading them, I wasn’t as interested in owning most of them! We’ve got a good collection of books for our little one. We hope that they will enjoy reading like we both do.

I’ve been feeling really great in these final weeks of pregnancy. I’m not at all at a place where I just want this baby out. I’ve actually been struggling with not feeling ready for pregnancy to be over while knowing that I have no choice in the matter…it’s about to end! Yesterday, it hit me that what I tell myself while not wanting a vacation to end can apply to pregnancy. I’ve told myself before while on a trip, “Don’t be greedy. Be glad that you got to experience this at all!” I think that the same thinking can apply to this pregnancy. It’s interesting that I went from “I don’t think I can ever do this again” in the first trimester (due to nausea and anxiety) to now, “I don’t want this to end!” πŸ™‚

There’s fears about what lies ahead but it’s more so fears about how I’ll cope with sleep deprivation, hormones and the major life change rather than labour. I’ve been consistently happy for weeks now with increased energy (could be that my TSH has never been lower….at 38 weeks it’s 1.18, pre-pregnancy it was 1.99. Both are considered normal but I’m feeling better with the slight increase to my synthroid in pregnancy). Also, my experience in pregnancy is that I don’t experience the hormonal ups and downs that you get with your female cycle. And no migraines for 9 months! Hallelujah.

We’ve been busy checking things off the list. A baby is sure a good motivator to get things done ahead of time like taxes, renewing our mortgage, etc. I know that a lot of people would like their baby to come before their due date. I’d like some days off work to focus on nesting! We are almost a week to due date. We’ll see πŸ™‚

Both D and I had dreams about our baby last night. D dreamed that you could see facial features through my belly and I dreamed that I saw the outline of two feet (that were huge! ha). The baby was genderless in my dream. Last night baby was a boy in Derek’s dream, the night before he dreamed that we had a girl and named her the exact same name as our niece. Things are getting crazy around here!

Baby: we are days away from meeting you!Β  You’ve already changed our lives for the better. It’s surreal to think of the life change you are going to bring to us. We won’t be perfect (your dad’s pretty great!) but we will try our best to be the parents that you need with God’s help. We love you. XOXO.

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