Behind the Name:

On April 4, 2015 @ 9:50pm, weighing 7lbs 3oz and 19 inches long, we welcomed our daughter! We went into labour with 2 girl names and 2 boy names as we didn’t know what we were having. It was important for us to choose names that had meaning – mainly names with family significance. We also like timeless/classic names that you could picture on a small child, a teenager, and an adult holding a position like Judge.

I personally don’t like that a lot of son’s are named after their father or grandfathers but daughters are rarely named after their mother or grandmothers. When it came to picking a girl’s name, we wondered how we could honour both of our mother’s with her name. After much thought, we were able to creatively name her after her grandmothers. We like that she’s the only one in the family with her name and yet, it was inspired by family significance. We’re glad that the inspiration behind her name came from our mothers. For if it weren’t for their influence we wouldn’t be the people we are today.

Now on to you: do you have a “behind the name” story for your child? Would love to hear it!

14 thoughts on “Behind the Name:”

  1. Congrats again!! I love her name, and I always love hearing the behind the scenes of how people choose names. 🙂 What a great way to honor both sides of your family!

  2. I like hearing how people picked names! When I went into labour we new what girls 1st name we wanted but had no boys name or middles names. I liked Olive, but felt that Olive Volpe was difficult to say and that Olivia Volpe had a nicer ring to it. Her middle name was chosen about 10 min before she was born. Joy, after me. 🙂
    We also chose a boys name right before she was born in case she was a boy!

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