Life as a newborn: the 1st month

I think it’s funny that my mom had planned to have a week off before my due date to nest and rest. Doesn’t she know that we babies don’t operate on a time schedule?

Labour wasn’t too bad for me. During labour, when they would check on me the midwife kept telling my mom that baby was “happy”. Why the midwife thought I was happy to be leaving my warm world where I never felt hunger I’ll never know. Ah well. When I came out they lifted me up to Mom’s chest and Dad was telling her that she was incredible, that she had did it. I didn’t cry but made murmuring sounds due to flem or something in my throat. They were super cute sounds if I don’t say so myself. But then that back-up midwife bugged me so they could hear me cry. How rude! Oh I almost forgot – I did get a “stork bite” on my left eye on the way out of the birth canal. Must have bumped something on my way to the exit. I didn’t open that one eye for the first week or so and still keep it closed at times. My family will call this look “Quasimodo”, whatever that means.

For the first two weeks, I didn’t feel like doing much. I liked to sleep during the day and be up at night. I remember there were times when my parents would start getting all of us ready for bed at 8pm and it would be 1am and I still wasn’t feeling it. Around week three, I wanted to be awake during the day to take it all in. That’s when I started going to bed before midnight. I wake up 3-4 times during the night because I’m hungry but I hear from other babies that this is normal.

I guess I’ve changed a bit from that first week. I used to cry and cry whenever my parents would change my diaper. I would have both parents do my diaper change for the first little while – one would be at my head kissing and comforting me while the other did the dirty work. Huh, that feels like forever ago because now I rather like having my diaper changed. Mom will talk with me or sing to me and I’m a happy camper.

When I’m feeling restless or upset, there’s nothing better than having my dad hold me and walk around the house. It’s a small house but there’s just something about dad holding me, the movement, and the new sights that makes me forget why I was mad or sad. I hear that dad’s back has never been so sore. Sorry to break it to you pops but I’m only going to get heavier as time goes on!

I spend most of my day with mom. I do the typical baby things – eat, sleep, poop (well, I only poop once a day but I sure do a lot of peeing!). Mom has these sayings and songs that she sings to me. In those first few weeks she’d often say, “It’s your mommy and I love you!”. She’d make up songs about how much she loves me or sing silly things. Lately, she started singing the theme song to “The Elephant Show” to me. One day, she attempted to read the book, “Are you my Mother?”. She’s heard that you should start reading to your child now – as a baby. I just didn’t have the attention span for it when I realized I was kinda hungry.

Everyone says that I look like my dad. That’s OK as long as long as I look like a girl! Sometimes people mistake me for a boy because Mom and Dad had only got gender neutral clothing before I came. Mom also didn’t buy much newborn clothing thinking I’d grow out of it too fast. But I’m still wearing newborn size clothing at 1 month! This would surprise a lot of people as they think I look much bigger online, must be my chubby cheeks. I digress, I’ve lived in newborn sleepers 99% of the time this first month. I don’t mind as it’s super comfortable. And at what other time in your life can you wear your PJ’s in public? It’s been pretty sweet.

What else? I went to church for the first time (well, besides when I was in utero but everything sounded under water then). Going places in that darn car seat tends to make me fall asleep. I’ve been such an easy baby to take places as a result. I may or may not continue that trend down the road. We’ll see what I feel like as time goes by.

The first month of my life was pretty decent. I’ve had to experience some uncomfortable things like feeling cold or hungry for the first time. My parents try their best to make me feel “safe” by responding to my needs. They were so funny in those early days – writing down every detail of my life. I was beginning to wonder if they’d write down every time I peed til I was 17yrs old!

Next month maybe I’ll enjoy having a bath more. I do a fairly decent job considering that I only get one bath once a week due to my terribly dry skin. Mom hopes that I don’t have this long-term like she does.

Month one is over. I survived! I’m told that I’m a “good girl” every time that I burp after eating. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull that off when I’m 10 years old but for now, I’ll take it. Hence, life as a newborn isn’t so bad. I survived and am growing strong. I kinda rocked month 1 (well, for a baby!). Be back to tell you about month two.

5 thoughts on “Life as a newborn: the 1st month”

  1. Isabel, you are a writer like your mom. I love your sense of humor, and your sweet voice. Looking forward to your next perspective. Keep the humor, your parents will love it, Always smile at them when up at night or they seem particularly tired. It works miracles.

    1. She wants you to know that she’s practicing smiling for this very purpose. Daddy’s not convinced that it isn’t still gas smiles but Mom thinks some “real smiles” have begun!

  2. Isabel, What did you think about your Grandma James holding you for the first time? Did you listen when she told you how precious you are? Did your parents put you in that newborn disco dress that Grandma had to buy at Walmart, because your Mom said you didn’t have a newborn dress? Did you notice how you are first priority and those cats and dogs take second place now that you are here? Hope you start cooing. Do tell us more about life in the first year. Looking forward to seeing you soon and please, don’t grow up too fast!

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