5 reasons NOT to pierce your daughter’s ears

Since our daughter was born (less than 2 months ago), we’ve been asked if we plan to have her ears pierced. Without hesitation, my response is: No. Here are the reasons why:

1. I don’t want another thing to be responsible for. Taking care of her is enough. I wouldn’t want to have to remember to clean her ears and turn the earings in addition to everything else.

2. With any piercings, there’s a risk of infection. Babies are especially prone to health complications. I wouldn’t want to risk it.

3. I can’t subject my baby to pain for the sake of beauty. Sure, it may be over in 10 seconds, but the principle remains: I made the choice for my daughter to have something done to her that hurt her and it wasn’t done for health reasons but for appearance.

4. She may grow up to be someone who likes not having her ears pierced for whatever reason. If I were to have them pierced before she can consent, I’d be taking that away from her.

5. Some people get children pets to help teach them about responsibility (which I don’t think is wise unless the parent wants the pet just as much as the kids do!). Ear piercing could be a lesson in responsibility for a child. I’d like my daughter to reach an age where she could commit to taking good care of her ear piercing.

Maybe I’m a product of my environment. My mother had four daughters and made us all wait until we were 14 to have our ears pierced (if we wanted it done). My youngest sister is glad that she had the choice as she decided not to have her ears pierced. While I may not give my daughter a certain age she must reach to have her ears pierced, I won’t be having them done for her. She will have the opportunity to make that decision and I’ll be happy either way.

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