Dedication Weekend

The day before our daughter’s dedication, a caravan of my husband’s American family arrived at our house. Only Derek’s parents had met our baby before so you can imagine the excitement for his grandmother, sister, brother and his wife, and Isabel’s cousins meeting her for the 1st time. They literally had to practice sharing. One would hold her and then the next and then the next. Isabel did so well but slept like a newborn the following day (her dedication Sunday).

On Sunday May 31st, we had our precious baby girl dedicated at our church. We’ve received several comments that it seems that we’ve dedicated her early (she’s just 2 months old). We didn’t see any reason to wait and felt having her dedicated sooner rather than later was the better option. I am so blessed to have a wonderful grandfather who turns 95 in a few days! Every day with him is a gift and not a guarantee. We are glad that we dedicated her as soon as possible so that many special family members were able to be in attendance.

While getting Isabel ready on Sunday morning I wondered if we were crazy to dedicate her this soon! 🙂 We are in the hazy days of life with a newborn. I didn’t get to shower because there just wasn’t the time. Ah well. We decided to put her in her dedication dress @ the church to avoid messes. Of course, as we are dressing her minutes prior to the service she spit up on her dress. Good thing the spit up and the dress were both white! After we had dressed her, Isabel fell asleep and remained asleep for the entire service. I talked with Isabel earlier this week about our busy weekend with family and her dedication and she seemed to have listened as she was on her best behaviour!

During the dedication, our parents came up and stood on either side of us. Really neat that they dedicated us as babies and now were standing in support of us dedicating our child. The pastor who dedicated our daughter also dedicated me as a baby! The most precious moment that I’ll cherish for always was when Pastor David took our baby in his arms and dedicated her life to the Lord. I became rather teary in that moment.

Afterwards we snapped some quick photos with family. Her dedication was kinda a whirlwind but we were blessed to have so many family members in attendance. Derek’s family had to leave immediately after the service due to the long drive home. We went out to lunch with my family and there was 15 of us. At lunch and all weekend long, our girl received many loving gifts. We received a couple “education fund” presents that we plan to invest soon. This weekend, I was struck by the reality of how many family members and church friends love her and support us. We are very grateful.

Baby girl: the night before your dedication your father and I prayed for you. We prayed that we would be the type of people you need and model a healthy marriage for you. We are both so grateful for the gift of you. We pray that you will come to know God’s great love for you and that you’ll help in making this world a better place. It’s such a huge responsibility for us to raise you, we pray for God’s strength and guidance. Love you more than you’ll ever fully understand! Thank you God for precious baby girl.

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