Please stop telling me to enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast

Since we’ve had our daughter, MANY have told us to “enjoy every moment” and “it really does go by so fast”. While I think we all need reminders at times about how fast life is passing us by, I haven’t found these comment too reassuring. Instead, I feel a bit panicked. When I have a day where I have a pounding headache due to lack of sleep and a fussy baby, these comments tend to make me feel bad if I’m not enjoying every moment. More often though, I’m in a constant state of feeling as if time is slipping away and I can’t get it to slow down. Instead of looking forward to the next stage, or enjoying the current stage, I’m left mourning what is past that I can’t get back. “She’s growing too fast!” and “she’s no longer doing ____ anymore 😦 ” are the type of comments I make. You see, I’ve been warned that this time goes by too fast and that I’ll miss this. I’ve taken people’s words of wisdom seriously. I’m trying desperately to soak it all in while feeling panicked as I watch time slip away like sand in an hour glass. I’ve become someone I never imagined I’d be…someone who is sad that my baby is growing.

Isn’t watching your baby grow supposed to be a good thing? We were created to change, grow, and develop as human beings.  If our baby stopped growing and remained just as she is forever, that wouldn’t be seen as a good thing. It would be rather tragic. So why do I feel sad and a bit panicked by how fast she’s growing? I think I’ve taken “it goes by so fast” a little too much to heart. Sure, it is going by super fast. And I know that I can’t get this time back. But this needs to be balanced with being reminded that exciting times still lie ahead. Most importantly, I need to find the secret to not missing the past or looking forward to the future but living fully in the here and now. Knowing that I realistically can’t enjoy EVERY single moment (that’s life and that’s okay).

It doesn’t do me any good to be sad at the reality that my baby is growing and time is flying by. I guess I’m aloud to feel a little sad but not too much or else I miss the here and now. And I also miss out on being excited about the future. We weren’t made to be young forever. Growing up isn’t a bad thing. Time may go by fast but that’s okay, that’s life. We need not fear change.

To my baby: I’ll try not to spend so much time lamenting the days gone by. Lets take it day by day and not be saddened or afraid of change. While I’m aware that my time with you is going by so fast, it’s no longer going to be my focus. No, I give you permission to grow baby. And I give myself permission to feel more excitement for all that lies ahead.

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