Life as an infant: 2nd month

Mom told me to keep this post shorter than the previous one. I guess I went over the “recommended word limit” for a blog post last time. What can a girl do? There was lots to say about the 1st month of life!

Early in the 2nd month, Mom packed up my newborn size outfits and switched me to size 1 diapers. I’m told that I went from being 7lbs 3oz at birth to 8 11oz at my 1 month check-up and 9lbs 10oz at 6wks. If only gaining weight would be celebrated this much when I’m an adult! That would be sweet.

On May 7th, things started to look less blurry and I couldn’t help but smile when I made out the face of the lady who hangs out with me all day long (mom). She looked funny with messy hair, no make-up, and I think she needed to brush her teeth! She loved my smiling so much that I decided to wait until this day called “Mother’s Day” to flash her my gummy smile once again. I was a bit of a show off and smiled at her 3x that morning before church. Oh and the following Sunday I cooed at mom a lot while Daddy was preaching and smiled more than ever before. I won’t get away with talking through Daddy’s sermon’s forever so I better live it up now.

What else…we had our last appointment with our midwife @ 6wks. Mom and Dad were sad to see her go. I say good riddens – I don’t want travel down through that birth canal ever again!!

I went to this place called Wesley Acres for the first time. I’m told that I’m going to love that place. I wonder if it will be different when I’m older. The experience this time was that of a lot of people in a crowded trailer staring at me and commenting on any and every little thing that I did. Weird.

Mom and Dad dedicated me @ church when I was just 8 weeks old. The day before I was passed like a hot potato from relative to relative all day long. Except in this game people didn’t want to let me go! It was cool to meet cousins for the first time. They are older but say that they’ll play with me and share their toys. The youngest, Leigha (4.5yrs) wanted to bring me home with her. I would have gone but don’t have dual citizenship yet. Back to the dedication….I must say that I was a little angel :). Truth be told, I was rather sleepy from the day before.

How could I forget to mention that I laughed for the first time on Saturday May 30th! Daddy was being silly with me and I couldn’t help it. Mom caught it on video. Man, if I only got a dollar for every photo or video she takes of me.

I still get in a great mood up on that change table…there’s just something about it. And I’m kinda a morning person. I’d be ready to start my day between 4-6am but Mom likes to try and have me sleep longer. I can’t stop smiling when she finally decides that we both can get up for the day. Yippee! Can’t wait for the next month … maybe my body will catch up to my head. It’s kinda hard having such a huge head, super heavy. Ta-ta for now!

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