Making the most of your time before baby arrives

A friend asked for my thoughts regarding making the most of the time leading up to having their first child. I told her that I won’t say to “sleep now!” as I didn’t find this advice to be helpful. Firstly, how does sleeping now help a person not to feel tired months into having a baby? And of course I want to sleep well every time I can ☺. So with that said, here’s what I’d recommend:

1. Think of activities that you enjoy doing that aren’t baby friendly and then go do them. An example of this is going to the movies. If you enjoy going to the movies, do this as often as you can leading up to the due date. Another example of an activity that’s difficult to do with a baby is going to the theatre or a concert.

2.  Come home from work and decide to go out somewhere totally last minute. Enjoy being able to make plans without much forethought. And stay out late if you want to!

3. Schedule for date nights as you may take a break from these after baby arrives. Make sure you do a date night every week if not mboot  Tip: make these date nights times where you don’t talk about pregnancy or baby items but just focus on each other.

4. Document this season of your life whether that be via journaling or blog. Time goes by fast so make sure that you jot down the things that you’d like to remember.

5. Remember that you’ll never be fully prepared for those hazy newborn days. Much of it is learn-as-you-go. Do take a prenatal class but also put energy into your relationship with your partner! Work on being as healthy as a couple as possible as you’ll need to lean on each other during baby boot camp.


The above points are an attempt to help my friend make the most of her time pre-baby. Is there anything you’d add? Help to grow this list with your thoughts. Thanks!

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