Isabel vs. Isabelle vs. Isobel

When considering what we’d name our child, I wanted a name that was simple to pronounce and spell. Our last name gets butchered easily so I wanted our child to have an easy time with their first time. We fell in love with the name Isabel but worried about her name being misspelled. Or even worse, her being called Isabella. In recent years, Isabella has been much more popular than the name Isabel so this mix up seems likely to happen.

Did you know that Isabel is the original spelling of the name? Isabel is the Spanish variant of the name Elizabeth. Isabel and Elizabeth both mean “God is my oath” or “my God is abundance”. The spelling Isabelle is the French version of Isabel, and Isobel is the Scottish spelling of the name.

While Isabel or Isabelle or Isobel are all perfectly acceptable spelling options of this classic name, keep in mind that your child will likely have to spell out her name to others. But these days, with all the random spellings of names, most people have to do that anyways. Isabel, spelled whichever way, is a beautiful, timeless name. Move on over Isabella, Isabel is coming to a school near you.

6 thoughts on “Isabel vs. Isabelle vs. Isobel”

  1. As a kiddo with a weird spelled name I appreciate what you tried to do for your kiddo. It sucks always having to spell your first name and your last name. I’m sorry people are having such a hard time with your babies.

    1. I wrote a message to my friend Lyndsay this morning. You’re right – there are quite a few names where people have to correct others on the spelling. Thank you!!

  2. I know this is an older post but I just have to chime in because my daughter’s middle name is Isobel and, yep, people spell it wrong! I don’t mind too much since it’s her middle name. We deliberately chose the Scottish spelling but it’s in honour of a grandmother who spelled it differently. Any way you go, it’s a beautiful name!

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