Life as an infant: 3 months

I’d like to forget how this month started off. I went to see the family doctor for the first time and they gave me shots! Yikes. I’m usually a pretty tough girl but man did I cry when they gave me that 2nd immunization shot. That was a dozer. As soon as they were done my dad swooped in and picked me up and I felt better. The secretary told Mommy how lucky I am to have a Daddy like him.  I didn’t feel so great that night but thankfully my parents took turns holding me and pacing the halls. The next day I was SO happy, not sure why.

While I started smiling last month, I’ve really been working on my smile in month 3. It’s fun to see people get so excited when I smile at them. Towards the end of this month, I started breaking out the smile even more. People have started commenting that I smile pretty easily.  I can’t help but smile a bunch of times when dad comes home from work. Oh, and my mom says that I’m on “happy drugs” when I first wake up in the morning. Not sure what that means but I think I’m a morning person.

Guess what guys….this month I noticed that there’s stuffed toys in my crib. How fun! Mom has caught me turning to my side and smiling at a stuffed dog a couple of times. He’s just so cute, I can’t help but smile and talk to him. Speaking of turning to the side…that’s been a fun discovery! Mom doesn’t think it’s that great though when she’s trying to change my diaper and I keep turning. Ah well.

I still hate tummy time but I am rocking holding my head up in other ways. People often comment on how great I am at holding up my head. So there! Tummy time sucks.

During the day, I love to take naps laying on mommy. She doesn’t get much done when I do this but she says she doesn’t care as I won’t be this little for long. Sometimes I’ve caught mom with tears in her eyes as she realizes that she’s going to miss me like this.

I’ve really become quite the talker this month. I still like to coo but I’m also trying out new sounds and volume settings. I love it when people make the same noises back at me! How cool.

While I’m sleeping a tad better this month, mom is really tired. But I’ve given her some hope that things will get better. In weeks 11-12, I’ve given her a couple nights where she only got up once with me before 6am. I haven’t committed to that schedule yet but I may try it out more in the weeks and months to come. Hang in there mom!

Mom and Dad discovered this month that if I poop while in my car seat it goes all over my legs. Oops! I pooped in my car seat for the first time when mom brought me to work to meet her friends. I was just keepin it real 🙂

I went on my first road trip last week. We drove to see my dad’s family – my Yankee relatives. I slept for most of the drive as I was in that darn car seat that always makes me sleepy. My parents were worried that I’d have a poop while in my car seat but I decided to give them a break 😉 I hear that I’ll be making many trips to the States over the years. Lucky me! I get to experience the best of both Canada and the U.S.A.

Here’s to next month! Let it be full of kicking (I love to kick!), eating, and maybe laughter. I’m just trying laughter out now and it’s pretty cool. Bye for now!

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