On becoming a minimalist: 5 things I’ve learned so far

Recently, I’ve become very interested in becoming a minimalist. Doing away with clutter and excess sounds great to me! What I’m finding so far is that becoming a minimalist is a process: one that takes time, perseverance and patience. In short, here’s what I’ve been learning so far.

1. Purging my wardrobe should be a monthly event until I feel happy with the amount of clothes I own. I tend to purge every 6-12 months and think that I’ve gotten rid of so much. Then I go and do the same thing 6-12 months later and feel the same way. This should not be. I think I may need to up the ante with wardrobe minimalism by limiting myself to a certain number of clothing items for each season (I live in a 4 season climate). I do stick to the rule of one item in = one item out.

2. I can’t expect others to share my interest in becoming a minimalist, at least not right away. I need to lead by example instead of harping on say hubby re: him having too much stuff.

3. Your best bet is prevention. People tend to feel good about purging. It’s not as “feel good” to deny yourself a purchase that you want. Reducing the amount of stuff that comes in your front doors in the first place is a critical step that can’t be missed.

4. Being a minimalist in regards to baby items will be an uphill battle. People love to buy stuff for your baby but rarely check first re: what you need vs. what you already have plenty of. I don’t know what to do about this. You don’t want to come across as ungrateful yet you also don’t need 50 stuffed animals for your 6 month old.

5. You may get rid of an item and think about it later wondering if you should have kept it. This is normal. It helps to remind yourself of why you got rid of it in the first place. And if someone else is enjoying it more than you ever did, cling to this reality and be glad.

Here’s to living more fully with less. It may be a process but I believe it will be worth the effort. If for nothing else, those who have to clean out my house after I’m gone will thank me then! 🙂

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