Bringing Up Baby: Documentary Review

Have you seen the 4 part series entitled, “Bringing Up Baby”? The film follows several couples about to have a baby who chose different coaches with different parenting approaches: some the 50’s parenting style (Truby King Method), some the 60’s (Dr. Benjamin Spock), and others the 70’s (Continuum concept). In a nutshell, the 50’s was about getting your baby on a schedule and showing the baby who is boss. The 60’s saw revolution with Dr. Spock’s book that encouraged women to trust their instinct. And the 70’s embraced attachment parenting (baby wearing, co-sleeping, feeding on demand, etc).

The three mentors used methods from the 1950s, '60s and '70s
The three mentors used methods from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s

I must warn you that there are certain parts of this film that are hard to watch. I personally felt as if I was watching child neglect with the 50’s parenting style. The fact that several couples picked and stuck with this approach was shocking to me.

Regardless, I’m glad to have watched this documentary. It really shed light on where some baby care opinions came from in the first place. And it helps one to better recognize which approach is their preference. Everything from feeding, sleep deprivation, resuming old activities, how involved dad is, schedule vs. no schedule, and whether or not you can spoil a baby are discussed (and many more topics!).

What astounded me was at the end, every couple felt like their method was the best. I was hoping that those who embraced the 50’s parenting style would express some element of regret. Maybe once their grown children watch the documentary there will be pangs of regret at that time!

Do watch this 4 part series. And I’d love if you came back to leave a comment after you do!

Here’s part 1 on youtube (it should automatically go to the next episode for you):

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