Was your gut feeling about baby’s gender right?

We decided not to find out our baby’s gender. Well, I preferred to be surprised at birth and hubby kindly agreed to my wishes! My gut feeling all along was that I was carrying a girl. When my husband announced, “its a girl!” moments after birth I thought, “I already knew that. Thanks for confirming it!” Being the oldest of 4 girls, I would have been fairly shocked to have a boy. My husband also thought that we were having a girl but he wasn’t sure if he felt that way because his preference was for his firstborn to be a daughter. Besides the old wives tales being true from this prior post:https://pinkcanuck.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/old-wives-tales-boy-or-a-girl/ , I had some neat experiences that lead me to believe our rainbow baby was a girl.

1) On August 5, 2014, I took a pregnancy test late afternoon and it was positive. I showed the test to my husband and we decided to take the approach, “for right now, I’m pregnant”. He suggested to go out to dinner and we went to a fancy one by the river in our town. While there, a couple sat across from us with a young girl (I’d guess 6-12 months old). During our meal, she kept looking over at me and would wave and smile. Her presence and interaction with us was taken as an encouragement that all would be okay and we were having a girl.

2) Around 13 weeks, I started to spot on and off for a week and one evening, I had light but bright red bleeding. Our first ultrasound in our town showed some concerns with the placenta. A couple weeks later, we went to have another ultrasound at a more high tech facility. While walking into the hospital that day and feeling super nervous, a toddler girl was walking ahead of us with her father. She kept looking back at me and smiling. Again, it was as if she was saying that all would be okay and we were going to have a girl.

3) This one is less profound. When people told me that they thought I was having a boy, my internal dialogue was along the lines of, “really? that would be neat! but hmm…I’d be surprised if that was the case….” and when people thought that I was having a girl something in me would agree with their guess.

I didn’t allow myself to be convinced that my gut was right because I’ve know so many women who were sure they were having one gender and had the other. Even friends who carried very differently with their second babies and ended up having the same gender as their firstborn. Regardless, if someone were to say that I had to pick one or the other as my guess during pregnancy, I would have said girl. Now she’s cooing away and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for our little girl.

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