Random thoughts on motherhood

In no particular order and only 3.5 months into this parenting gig:

1. when sleep deprived, I wonder how anyone is crazy enough to do this all over again! you must really forget. or live by the motto: “short term pain for long term gain!”

2. I wonder when I’ll ever feel “normal”. hubby says not til 18 years from now! it feels surreal taking care of a baby in our house pretty much all day long. kinda like a dream.

3. I was pregnant with her a year ago at this time but didn’t know it yet. the first trimester was HARD, my anxiety was so bad (fearing that I’d lose the baby) and I was nauseous all day long. And yet, I look back on this past year and remember it as the best year of my life. I loved, loved, loved being pregnant in trimester 2 and all the way til the end. I didn’t reach a place of wanting it to end.

4. hearing our baby laugh for the first time was hands down one of the best moments of my life. it’s up there with my wedding day, the best vacation we’ve ever been on, etc. It may actually top the day she was born as crazy as that sounds (hey – labour hurt!).

5. the wonder of what her voice will sound like when she talks, what type of personality she will have, etc. is so strong. we observe children and can’t believe that will be her one day. people tell you to enjoy each stage as it goes by so fast and it does. but one part they forget to mention is that there’s so much to look forward to ahead!

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