5 tips for creating a photo book for your child

I was told that children love to look at photos of when Mom was pregnant with them. With this in-mind and a 50% off sale at picaboo.com, I was inspired to make a photo book. I named the book: “The Story of Me!” It begins with a photo that was taken the day before we found out that we were expecting and ends with baby in car seat ready to leave the hospital. I am happy with the finished product!

Based on my experience of creating a photo memory book for your child, here are some tips:

1. First, go through all of your photos from the time you found out you were expecting til leaving the hospital with your bundle of joy. Start a new folder on your computer and put photos in it that you think you may like to use.

2. Some ideas of things that you can include in your book are photos of: the pregnancy test, facebook announcement, ultrasound photos, baby moon photo, baby shower photos, baby bump photos, etc.

3. Don’t forget to write captions to some of your photos so that it becomes more of a story book rather than just a bunch of pictures. We decided to write the book from her perspective. You also don’t have to go overboard with captions since you’ll be reading this book to your child and certain photos can provide dialogue.

4. Include photos that capture the most significant memories for your child – not just photos that you look good in. I included a photo of me that’s not flattering. I have no make-up on and my hair is a mess. I have four chins in the photo. But it was taken moments after birth when they laid her on my chest and I was trying to look down at her. So into the book it went!

5. Finally, if we were to have a second child, I would start this project before baby was born and save my work. Then after life with a newborn settles down, I’d upload photos of the birth and wait for a sale to buy it.

I can’t wait for this photo book to arrive in the mail! While it will be some time before she’ll appreciate this book, my husband is glad that she’ll have this to read, keep, and treasure.  I am too.

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