Buying our next vehicle: a minivan instead of a SUV?

2015-Dodge-Grand-Caravan-A2We own a 15 year old Jeep and a 9 year old car. Since both have been paid off for some time now it has been financially wise to keep driving them. We live with the reality that if at anytime one or both of them require major work we’ll walk away and shop for our next vehicle(s). With the Jeep being 15 years old this year, we’ve started to talk about what we may want for our next vehicle. Since we are now a family of 3, we’d like one of our vehicles to be a “family vehicle.” Originally, we were looking at SUV’s but then we decided to do some research on minivans. For our price range, we can get a much better quality minivan with more features than if we went the SUV route.

What we like about a minivan:

– 7 passenger seating (I don’t want a 5 passenger SUV, I feel like we could just get a car then!)

– can easily fold all the seats down and use it as a cargo van for moving things/getting wood pellets in the fall

– sooo spacious no matter where you are sitting

– people tell me that the automatic sliding doors are priceless when loading children in and out of the car in a tight parking spot

– we have two big dogs. in a minivan there’s so much room in the back trunk area even with all the seats up (not as much room in an SUV unless you remove some seating).

– better gas mileage than a SUV

We only have one child. It seems a bit silly to get a minivan at this point but we would like to have another child. If we replace one of our vehicles in the next year, we may appreciate enjoying some of the benefits of the minivan now vs. later. What about you? Are you planning on getting a “family vehicle” in the near future? Are you hoping for a SUV? Considering a minivan? Or maybe you already have a SUV or minivan. I’d love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “Buying our next vehicle: a minivan instead of a SUV?”

  1. We had a Van (full size) for 12 years with 4 children and it was worth every penny! A minivan is great value for the money.

  2. We purchased an SUV (Hyundai Tuscon) w J just before he was born. Great for 1 kid. Once we put 2 car seats in, my 5 seater turned to a 4 and had very little trunk space once you add a stroller.
    Before we bought our van (Toyota Sienna) we looked at 7 seater SUVs, the problem was once you had all 7 seats up you had next to no trunk space. Not even for a stroller!!!!
    We love our van. I never wanted to drive one yet now, i cant imagine life without it!

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