Life as an infant: 4 months

I turned 3 months on July 4th. Pretty neat considering that I’m part American. It was especially cool that the US had fireworks on the 4th to celebrate me!

Mom thinks that I’ve changed a lot since my last post. On July 8th, I wowed her by rolling over from my back to my stomach and later that evening, sucked my thumb. Then on July 10th, I totally shocked mom and dad by sleeping for close to 8 hours. I don’t want them to get too comfortable so I haven’t made it a habit yet. I like a night time snack, who wouldn’t? I also like to start my day at 6am but if my parents ask nicely, I sometimes let them sleep til 7am.

In the past month, I’ve been working on getting some baby abs. I figure this will help me to sit up. I so want to sit up! Mom says that I look like I’m doing an ab workout when I practice lifting my head up over and over again. She thinks that I’m quite a hard working and determined little girl. She laughs at my determination at times. Like when I spent hours trying to roll over but my one hand kept getting in the way. I was so mad and mom thought it was funny.

In the last week, I discovered that I have feet! How cool. I love to grab them. I’ve also started to reach out and grab mom’s arm or face during diaper changes. She cannot believe how interactive I’m becoming. Well, when I don’t have both hands shoved in my mouth! I love, love, love to chew on my fingers and hands. No teeth yet but lots of sucking and drool.

Mom thinks that I might be a lefty. In recent days she’s noticed that it’s often my left hand in my mouth. My left hand that I grab my toes with. And I use my left hand to first grab at a toy (but now I’ve figured out how to grab a toy with my left hand and a different toy with my right hand at the same time – I like to multi task).

I’ve almost completely lost my bobble head. And I love to stand up if someone will hold me for balance – I’ve got the strength thing down. I am also starting open my fingers more often instead of keeping them clenched. I’m still skittish like a cat – loud and unexpected noises make my eyes jump out of my face. And in recent days, I’m not a big fan of anyone but mom or dad holding me. When I realize that it’s not mom or dad, I stick out my bottom lip real big and start to think about crying. I hear “stranger anxiety” is a totally normal part of development for a baby. At this point, I’ll still smile at “strangers” when they look funny 😉

I’ve decided to balance out some of my fussy periods with more smiles and even laughter. One time I spit up on mom’s face and had to chuckle afterwards. I’ve also started to squeal with delight when I see dad. He’s pretty cool and he’s started wearing me in the Ergo carrier (which I like so much that it puts me to sleep). Mom says that my laughter is the best sound she’s ever heard. She doesn’t know yet that I’m laughing at her not with her, shh don’t tell!

I’m happy to report that Mom feels that taking care of a baby 24/7 has gotten easier in the last couple of weeks. It may have something to do with me sleeping better. Mom hasn’t left me yet with anyone but dad and even then she’s only been away from me a handful of times for an hour or less. She’s had many offers from people eager to watch me but doesn’t feel ready to leave me yet. We were together 24/7 for 9 months prior to me coming to the other side.

Mom’s been saying sweet things lately like me being the best and cutest baby in the whole wide world. She’s been pleasantly surprised that the love for me keeps growing and growing. Even though she still gets her share of fussy times, she’s glad that she’s loving each passing month even more than the one before.

Oh – my eyes are still hazel around my pupils with dark blue on the outsides. Mom’s guessing that my eyes will be hazel or brown. And my hair is dark – if you look closely its actually black! Both mom and dad were blonde as young children so who knows what my hair will end up doing.

I better wrap this up. In the next month, I think you can bet on some daily fussing and crying but the rest is a surprise! I’ve got a few things up my sleeve. Stay tuned for next time!

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