How to see a celeb in LA or Nashville

In the last couple of years, we’ve traveled to Los Angeles and Nashville. Both are known as American hot spots for spotting a celebrity. In LA, you’ve got the musicians and movie stars. In Nashville, it’s mostly musicians. But some musicians are married to movie stars (ex: Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman).

Spotting a celeb in either city is not easy. Most vacationers to LA or Nashville never spot a star out and about. The two main reasons for this is that the celebs tend to stay away from tourist hot spots and they also dress to blend in rather than stand out.

In both LA and Nashville, we opted to not do one of those star bus tours. Instead, we read online where the stars like to go and hang out. We visited a few of those places. We figured it was a win-win: even if we never spotted a celeb, we were experiencing some unique places that a lot of tourists miss.

Here’s the thing: spotting or meeting a celeb mostly comes down to pure luck. Much like spotting wildlife – you can go to the right places, keep an eye out, but in the end it’s more about luck than anything else. Case in point; the celeb that we ended up seeing in LA lives in New York City! She just happened to be visiting people in LA that week. Go figure.

It was late afternoon in LA. We parked the car to find a popular local book store. Right by our parking spot was a restaurant with an outdoor patio. As we walked by, I happened to look in the restaurant and wondered if a celeb may eat there. Then I saw her. Meg Ryan was 6 feet away from me, facing the sidewalk! There was nothing between her and I but a line of shrubs. I waited until we passed the restaurant to tell hubby who I just saw. He didn’t believe me. So we decided to go back to the car for him to change his shoes! As we walked by, he confirmed that I was correct. It was Meg Ryan! So after having walked by her 3 times, we decided to cross the street on our way back and that’s when I went all paparazzi and took a photo. Just for memory sake! 🙂

untitledI feel kinda bad for taking a photo of Meg Ryan. Poor girl likely just wants her privacy. Unlike the paparazzi that were standing next to me when I took this photo, I promise, Meg, I’m not making any money off of this photo or post! 🙂

And for how my husband met a celeb in Nashville, see the following post with a photo of him with Keith Urban:

While it is possible to spot or even meet a celeb in LA or Nashville, it will likely take a lot of luck and in some cases, being willing to get up at 4am and stand for hours in the pouring rain (see Nashville post). Most of all, enjoy your time in these unique cities and remember that celebs are people just like you and me. Only they are a lot richer and famous ;).

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