Keeping a Loved One’s Memory Alive for your Children

My Grandma passed away just over a month before we discovered that I was pregnant with our daughter. While announcing that we were expecting to family and friends was exciting, I also experienced waves of sadness knowing that I would never get to share this experience with Grandma.

When Grandma’s belongings were being divided, I asked if I could have a certain lamp of hers. I’ve always liked this particular lamp, I now hoped it could work in the nursery. When we discovered at the birth that we had a girl, I knew this lamp was staying in the nursery!


It’s only been in recent weeks that our baby has noticed this lamp. We use a Night Light for middle-of-the-night diaper changes and feedings (to keep her sleepy!), but I’ve recently started a new tradition. When I get her ready for bed and dress her in her PJ’s, I turn Grandma’s lamp on. As soon as we are done, I lift her up and stand in front of the lamp with her. What happens next is magical. Her face lights up, she squeals and smiles with glee, and my heart almost bursts. I tell her this lamp is from Grandma and that Grandma loved babies. I know that Grandma would be so pleased that her lamp is bringing joy to a great grandchild that she hasn’t met yet.

Losing a loved one is never easy. I want to keep the legacy of my loved ones alive not only for myself but also for our child. If you have any tips in this regard, please share.


To others, this is just a lamp. For me, this lamp is priceless. This lamp causes my daughter squeal with joy. This lamp causes us to pause and remember a Grandmother who loved well. This lamp reminds us that light can shine out of darkness. Thank you Grandma for your light, your love, and your legacy. We love and miss you. We remember.

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