Motherhood is…a Roller Coaster? photos/todo/canadaswonderland/ topgun.htm

Motherhood is strange. It’s a lot like being a hormonal teenager all over again. The mood swings are intense. In a couple of hours you can go from being so done (fussy baby that won’t nap) to crying because you know that your baby will grow up so fast (i.e. seeing posts by parents of their children leaving home for college/university). This raising a child thing sure is an emotional roller coaster.

Speaking of roller coasters, there once was a time where I had been on every single ride at Canada’s Wonderland (large theme park north of Toronto). I even did the bungee jump! So when Derek and I were dating, I was proud to take him for a day to Wonderland to do all of the crazy rides together. Since I’m not athletic (and he is), I was glad that we could share in doing a fun activity together, that we had a mutual love for roller coaster rides. But after about 5 rides that day, I was much like Phil Dunphy from Modern Family in the episode where they go to Disney Land. I felt so sick. I pushed myself to keep going on rides (I had built up in Derek’s mind that I LOVED rides!) and I got sicker and sicker as the day went on.

So I’m officially old. I can’t do roller coasters anymore without feeling sick. Really sick. I now pick my favourite 2-3 rides and know that after I go on them, I’m done for the day. I won’t be much fun for our daughter but she’ll have a super cool father who will do all the fun rides with her. I digress.

If you could describe motherhood, how would you describe it? Would you use the term roller coaster?

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