Life as an infant: 5 months

I kicked off this month by making new vocal sounds. For over a week, Mom and Dad said that I sounded like a dolphin! While a bit loud, they thought it was cute. Except for that one time I woke them up at 4am doing dolphin noises and didn’t want to go back to sleep.

I decided to start napping a bit less this month. Maybe I’ll do four 30 minute naps in a day, or three naps that are about 45-60 minutes. Mom wonders about these other babies who go down for 2 hour naps. What can I say, I like to be unique!

I started to prefer to be held by just Mom or Dad this month. If someone else tries to hold me, I’ll stick out my bottom lip real big and give them a polite warning. If they continue to hold me then the water works will start. It’s not that I don’t like to interact with them; I love to have new people to look and smile at as long as I’m in Mom or Dad’s arms.

I love to listen to Dad play guitar as he practices for Sunday morning. One time, I was sitting in the swing and his guitar playing put me to sleep. It was so relaxing!

I had to go back to the doctor’s office for round 2 of the shots. Yikes! I really didn’t like the stuff they gave me via syringe. I actually choked on that stuff. Instead of laying on the table (which freaks me out!), Mom held me in her lap this time. I didn’t even cry at all with the first shot and with the 2nd shot (known to be very painful), I cried for less than 10 seconds. Mom’s always thought that I was a tough girl but that really confirmed it for her. It was the next day that was rough. Mom and Dad kept saying that I wasn’t myself.

I decided to give the dolphin talk a break and started blowing raspberries instead. So fun to talk while blowing bubbles! I started to get ticklish this month, oh man, Dad can really get me laughing at times. Mom sometimes calls me “puppy” when I stuff my bib in my mouth and carry it that way. She thinks I act like a retriever who likes to carry something around in their mouth.

I gave up dolphin talk for blowing raspberries then later in the month I gave up blowing raspberries for rolling over! I rolled over a month or two ago but gave up on that after a week. It wasn’t that fun to be on my tummy and have to balance on my belly (I didn’t know how to use my hands or feet to balance myself). Now I’ve figured out how to roll over within seconds (my one arm doesn’t get stuck!) and I can push up on my arms and look around. It’s so much better this way! Mom thinks that I look like I’m trying to swim when I’m on my tummy. I get mad because I can’t figure out how to move and crawl yet.

I love to grab objects. My favourite is when Mom or Dad hand me a soother and I chew on it instead of suck. I also like to reach up and touch Mom or Dad’s face at times. Dad’s chin feels much rougher than Mom’s! I also love to grab my feet and I’ve figured out how to put my foot in my mouth. So much fun!

The biggest news over the last week is that I’m mostly sleeping through the night! I fall asleep between 8:30-10pm and sleep til 5-7am OR I get up once between 4-6am and go back down again until 7-8am. We’ll see if I keep this up. People have been telling my parents that I’m likely teething for a couple of months now. I guess its the hands in mouth, drooling, and being fussy. So far no teeth popping through. I’ve been told that I’m not supposed to sleep well when that happens, so I’ll keep that in-mind.

I’ll end with these two random thoughts: my parents thought it was hilarious that I fell asleep with the wooden tether toy in my mouth while out on an evening stroll last night. And this morning I folded my feet together like people do with their hands when they pray. Mom thought this was amusing. It doesn’t take much! 😉  Til next time..

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