Stop Saying That You Don’t Want A Daughter

It costs more to have a daughter. Girls are more work. And the drama! Those are just a few of the sayings I’ve heard re: having a girl. I’ve had people say that they wouldn’t want to have a girl or wouldn’t want two girls or three girls, etc. As the oldest of 4 girls, I used to have similar thoughts. But that all changed when…when we had a daughter.


Whether you have a son or a daughter, a child costs a lot to raise. And you can’t put a price tag on the joy it is to have a daughter. Having a daddy’s girl is absolutely priceless.

IMG_7379 web

Girls are more work they say. Why? Because they like to talk? Work through their feelings? I guess as a social worker, I don’t see this as being a bad thing.

IMG_7411 webDrama? Yes, the teenage years can be rough for girls. It sucks that girls have to get periods and grow breasts and the like. But despite everything (yes, even despite the pain of childbirth!) I’m glad to be a girl. And I wouldn’t trade the experience of having our girl for ANYTHING.

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It’s not the clothing. Or the tea parties. Or pink. Or shopping. None of that really appeals to me. Having a girl is a precious gift that I can’t fully put into words. While it’s a shame that she’ll have to fight for gender equality and will face our culture’s sexualisation of women + warped view of beauty, I think she’ll be okay. For women are strong. Brave. Smart. Caring. And it’s a joy to be part of the club! Periods and all.

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Plus I hear that a daughter is more likely to look after you in your old age 😉 Don’t worry sweetie, that’s not the reason why we had you! We love you, our daughter. And if you had a girl, you’d understand. Please stop saying that you don’t want a daughter. Trust me, you do. Or you would. You’d change your mind as soon as she’s in your arms. And your life would never be the same. For you have a daughter!

** I want to be sensitive to those who really want to have a daughter but aren’t able to for whatever reason. I in no way want to belittle your pain. This is a post for those who say they wouldn’t want a daughter. Or pity those with only girls.

4 thoughts on “Stop Saying That You Don’t Want A Daughter”

    1. Thank you. I’ve also heard a lot of guys say this. It does seem that they are afraid (I’ve had many say they are afraid for having a daughter due to how they treated girls).

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