5 Things I LOVE about being a Pastor’s Wife

In my previous post (click here) I wrote about some common challenges that spouses of pastors face. Just like a parent who speaks to the challenges of raising children, its a shame if they also don’t also mention the joys. Here are 5 things that I love about being married to a pastor:

  1. I love my husband. He’s my best friend. He feels called to the pastorate. To support him in ministry is a privilege.
  2. I love people. All different types of people. Different ages, stages of life and economic backgrounds. Being married to the pastor helps me to meet more people! And I love that.
  3. Speaking of people, I wouldn’t know those at our current congregation if my husband wasn’t a pastor. We wouldn’t have moved to where we are living now if he wasn’t pastoring our church. I LOVE the people in our church. What a shame it would have been if we never met them.
  4. I’ve likely stepped out and tried more new things as a pastor’s wife. I like to be challenged. To learn more about the areas I’m gifted in (and not so gifted in!). This has helped me to grow.
    people filling the pews5. This last one has only recently come to my attention. Prior to having a child, I used to sit at the front at church. Now I tend to sit in the back in case I need to step out with our baby. One Sunday during the singing ,I looked around and thought how beautiful it is for so many different people to gather together. The following reality struck me: I know about the struggles and the disappointments so many in this room have experienced in life. I know the HARD parts of their life story as a result of them telling me or my husband and I together. What an incredible privilege. Instead of seeing a room full of people who have their life together (what people often say that church goers look like) I saw a room full of people with scars who come to a saviour who carries our burdens for us. What a beautiful sight to witness. I get teary just thinking about this.

For these reasons and many more, I will forever be grateful for the experience of being a pastor’s wife. Perfect I am not. Privileged I am!

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