6 months

Baby girl, you’re changing so much and its hard to keep track these days. 6 months = sleep deprived fog.

The week leading up to you turning 6 months, something changed. Unlike 5 months, you’re no longer sleeping 8pm -7am (with one night time diaper change and feeding). Nope, now at 6 months you’re getting up at least 4 times in the night. We haven’t been able to understand the change. You aren’t hungrier than usual, so it doesn’t feel like a growth spurt. We wondered if you’ve been getting cold at night as the weather changed around this time. We added a space heater to our room but that hasn’t helped. We also added a sound machine with no marked improvement. Mom’s best guess is that it has to do with you turning to sleep on your tummy at night. You started doing this around 6 months (previously you only slept on your back and then on your one side), and it seems to be waking you up. You want to roll to your tummy to sleep but then you tend to freak out that you’re on your belly. You’re waking up screaming and just holding you tends to put you back to sleep most times. We are tired girlfriend. So tired.

At your 6 month doctor’s appointment you were the tough girl that you’ve always been. This time you didn’t even cry when you got your shot! Not at all. I held you tight to my chest (like I was giving you a hug) and when they were done, I threw you up in the air like you love. You smiled and laughed at me and were completely yourself that evening and the following day. You’ve now doubled your birth weight. You weight 14lb 8 oz (7 lb 3oz at birth). You’re a tiny and short little thing. But your head circumference is perfectly “normal” at 50th percentile 🙂

Just in the last week, you’re figuring out how to crawl. You slither to your desired destination. Gone are the days of you “swimming” on the spot. It was rather funny how you used to do a perfect breaststroke with your head down like it was in the water. You’d paddle and lift your head up for air just like a swimmer!

You’ve started a new thing this month. Up until now you’ve shown absolutely no preference for your dad or mom in any given situation. You have some stranger anxiety but are fine as long as either one of us are holding you. Recently, during the first stretch of the night (when you are waking every hour), you seem to prefer to have mom hold you and put you back to sleep. It’s strange as in the early morning or all day long you love to be held by dad.

You really enjoy peek-a-boo. The more I startle you, the louder you laugh. You’ve become ticklish and I can usually get a good laugh by tickling your arm pits or your “chicken thighs” 🙂 You love to make farting noises with your mouth. You especially love to do this at church! Your dad and I wonder if you’ll be an extrovert. You love to be at places with lots of people like church or the mall. We had a really nice time together as a family last Friday shopping at the Belleville mall. You were a joy the entire time! So very happy.

Walking around (being held) is still a favourite of yours. You had your first Canadian thanksgiving this month and did a good job interacting with family. You loved the fall walk where dad carried you in the Ergo. Not a peep! Just drooling on the ergo and taking everything in. There was an 8 yr old girl named Isabel on our walk getting her picture taken with her family.

We wonder if you may be teething as lately. In the last week you’ve started to chew (not suck but making a chewing motion) the air. We haven’t started you on solids yet but plan to in the next week. We’ve been told that “food before one is just for fun”. We think we are going to skip cereal and go straight to sweet potato and avocado. We found one small eczema spot on your leg a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been putting coconut oil on it and its almost disappeared. I’m sad if you’ve inherited my bad skin 😦 Your eyes are still a dark grey blue with hazel around the pupil…people comment on how dark your eyes assuming they are brown but they aren’t brown yet. Your hair remains to be a dark brown except for some long pieces that are white blonde.

Baby girl: your laugh is the best. But sometimes your laugh sounds like you’re chocking! 🙂 You stick your tongue out ever so slightly when you see that dad is home. You also kick your legs in excitement. We’ve just recently started to have you nap in your crib & nursery during the day. And last night you slept in your crib from 8pm-2:30am! I was so proud of you, my monkey. While I should have slept well, I kept checking the monitor to make sure you were breathing 🙂

We love you daughter, even when you’re fussy. Even when you’re getting us up every 1-2 hrs. Not sleeping is very hard. But you’re just a baby. And I’m still in awe at times that you’re MY baby. Thankful for the gift of you. There’s a spot in my heart that you’ve filled. Here’s to next month! And hopefully decent sleep 🙂

4 thoughts on “6 months”

  1. Girl, I feel ya on the change in sleep schedule. These past 2 weeks have been rough in our house, too. Sleep regression’s a PITA. 😉
    She sounds like she’s doing wonderfully, otherwise though. So happy for you.

    1. Thank you! I just did a new post on transitioning her to her crib. I’m happy to report that sleep has improved. Man, not sleeping is SOOOOOOO hard…. huge hugs! Hoping you get some relief soon too.

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