Giving your child a nickname

I didn’t have a nickname as a child. My siblings didn’t either.

While pregnant, I liked the fact that our top girl name had a fun nickname.  Soon after she was born, I told people our daughter’s full name and her nickname.

Looking back, I shouldn’t have told people a nickname for our child that I hadn’t even tried out on her yet . As weeks and months went by, I realized that I wasn’t calling her by her nickname at all.  Ever. And her father wasn’t either.

Our daughter’s full name is a beautiful name. No nickname necessary.  She’s learning her name as what’s on her birth certificate. Maybe one day she’ll want a nickname for herself? Only time will tell and that will be up to her.

It’s frustrating and funny how I chose a name and a nickname for our baby. Nicknames seem to be more something fluid, something that happens over time, if ever at all.

Did you have a nickname as a child? Do you have a nickname for your child? Or have you, like me, decided not to use a nickname? Leave a comment below…

4 thoughts on “Giving your child a nickname”

  1. I have a real name that long (which I will not disclose since I’m anonymous here). I honestly have no idea when or how my parents/family started calling me the short version of my long name, I just always remember being called it. The long name was only used as a kid when I was in trouble or when I was introduced to someone new. And honestly, the short name is what I still go by in about 94% of circumstances.
    That said, once of my child naming preferences is I want a simple name that wont be shortened. So, I guess that’s a bit of an indicator that it can be annoying.

  2. My name is Cora. Growing up some people would call me Cory or Cora Bora, both of which were fine with me. I always spelled it Cory, too, instead of Corrie (which is more typical for a girl). I’m kind of surprised people didn’t call you Rach or Ray, maybe. I think nicknames could be fun as long as they make sense or have some meaning. To me, it wouldn’t make sense to name your child one name with the full intention of calling him/her a completely different name – example, her name is Megan but we plan to call her Sarah. Like what?!? Isabel/Izzy makes sense or even if you ended up calling her sweetie pie or cutie or something – still makes sense.

    1. Come to think of it…a few people in high school attempted to call me Rach but it just never stuck. And I totally agree – I’m not a fan of that either (her name is Megan but we plan to call her Sarah). Just make her legal name Sarah then! 🙂

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