7 months

This month is the only one where I can’t believe your age because I keep thinking of you as older! To me, you’re no longer a baby and more like a toddler. I call you toddler or puppy at times. While you aren’t officially crawling, you are slithering where you want to go and its often towards the most dangerous things! You were in your exersaucer the other night and when I turned my back you pulled the dining room table cloth towards you! My soup almost landed on the ground. You also ate a tag off of a stuffed animal when your dad was watching you the other day. He feels guilty for letting it happen but this is our new normal. Welcome to toddlerhood. At 7 months!

I can’t believe there once was a day that I told people that changing your diaper was my absolute favourite thing about parenthood. Gone are the days where you would lay there and look up at me and smile or coo. Lately, changing your diaper is the thing I dread most. That and having to dress you. You’ve decided that you want to be anywhere but having to lay still on your back. You’ve kicked me in the jaw during a diaper change. You’re always flipping to your belly and trying to grab the diaper wipes. And you scream. And cry. And scream. And cry. I hope this is a phase as we’ve got lots of diaper changes ahead of us! Oy.

In the last week, you’ve started something new that’s cute. When in the exersaucer and wanting to be picked up, you lift both arms above your head. Also, when dad comes home and I’m holding you, you reach one of your hands towards him as a way of signaling that you want him to hold you. It’s ADORABLE.

We started solids at 7 months (skipped cereal and went straight to veggies) and you make funny faces when you eat. When I say funny, it’s more accurate to say that you make faces of disgust! You gagged at some of the baby food that I made so we’ve tried some store bought ones for the consistency. You still make sour faces but no gagging 🙂

Life has been stressful lately. A tree fell on our house while you were napping on me on Thursday October 29th. Our computer crashed the same day that the tree hit and important things that we thought were backed up were not. We lost some photos of you 😦 And several other stressful things have happened. We’ve gotten to the point where we say, “add another to the list!” 🙂 Through this all, you’re our light. We love you so much. And the best part of my day is watching your face light up when your dad walks in the door. He loves you like crazy and you really love your dad. Warms my heart. Even in trying times, seeing the two of you together is encouraging.

I’m excited for you getting to experience your 1st Christmas! I can’t believe that’s right around the corner. I had my first “it’s going by sooo fast” moment this past week. I thought of you as a newborn — I also thought of you on your dedication day. The dress, stockings and shoes. I could cry! It’s strange to be with someone and miss them at the same time. I miss you as an infant and young baby already. What I’d give to go back to those times just for a day. It stinks that this baby stage is full of sleep deprivation + huge learning curve. Each phase feels like survival until its gone and then you want it back! So strange. For the last couple of nights before laying you down for bed, I try and soak you in. Your face. Your lips are perfection. The way that you are cuddled up against me. I know that I will miss this. Right now, life is a blur. Life feels like “I need to just survive” for many hours of the day. But in the midst of it, there’s moments that I wish I could experience over and over again, forever. I love you my girl, my world.

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