How things have changed with our pets since adding a baby to the mix

Looking through old photos of our animal zoo makes me sad. While I wouldn’t trade our daughter for the WORLD, things sure have changed with our pets since she arrived. Totally unrelated to baby but just bad timing — our yellow dog is dying (has tumours that are a ticking time bomb; we just wait & see each day). Our chocolate dog has been refusing to come inside our house since September. She stopped coming in around the same time that our baby found her voice (screams of joy!). Mya normally LOVES warmth but is dead set on not coming inside despite the cold (she stays in our unheated sunporch). Our vet thinks we should rehome her but we are torn. And lastly, the cats: while they mostly get along, when they do fight it’s serious and more intense of a fight since baby has arrived.  I often think that they’d each be happier if they were the only cat in a home. Sigh.

Looking at this photo, I miss back then…


4 thoughts on “How things have changed with our pets since adding a baby to the mix”

  1. It’s so hard to say. Cats are weird. One minute, they are sleeping curled up together. The next they are growling & hissing & fighting like cats do when they are serious. I honestly wonder if they are fighting more for the “territory” for being the boss in the home… i.e. the one who gets more attention or something. I dunno! Dogs are more black and white in their behaviour. I’ve watched cat behaviour videos and they clearly demonstrate wanting to be the only cat in the home and yet, they also demonstrate getting along well (when sleeping together). Gah. But when they do fight, it is so sad for me.

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