If you’re tired YOU ARE tired whether you have children or not


I will be the odd one to say that I don’t agree with this. If you don’t have kids and are exhausted, you still ARE exhausted. I believe you. Not sleeping for whatever reason sucks. And sometimes there’s a medical reason why a person feels tired 24/7. A couple of years ago, I had untreated hypothyroidism which made me feel sluggish ALL the time. No matter how much sleep I got, I was exhausted. A coffee or nap would NOT help.

Now having had a baby, I’m TIRED. She’s 8 months old and not sleeping through the night. The early days were pure sleep deprivation torture. But I would never laugh at someone who doesn’t have kids and tells me that they are exhausted. Yes, it’s a different kind of tired. But being exhausted no matter the cause stinks. And I will sympathize, dear one.

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