Pastor’s Wife resume: reflections on the last 5 yrs & a heart stirring

While making a veggie dish for book club tonight, I began thinking of my role as a Pastor’s wife. Growing up, most wives of the Pastor tended to serve on the music team (played piano to be exact). While I took piano as a child, I’m not in any shape to play publicly (unless you want to hear a right-hand-only simple music piece, ha!). When I think of pastor wives that I knew growing up, I’ve often felt different. What I’ve recently started telling myself is that maybe this is OK. Maybe how we each serve as Pastor’s Wives is not better or worse, just different.

On that note, I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve served over the last 5 years at our church. During this time, my primarily focus has been identifying gaps and filling them. Basically, I like to start things that no one else is doing and then hand them over to others! Here are some examples of things that I’ve started from scratch over the last 5 years:

  1. A Youth Group (that now has other leaders in place)
  2. A Church Softball Team (I didn’t play but organized it to make it happen)
  3. An Adult Sunday School group (that continues to meet)
  4. A monthly social group for young adults (this group has had various leaders over the last couple of years)
  5. Filled in as Nursery Co-ordinator (there’s now a new leader in place, yay!)
  6. Book Club (the group carried on when I took a break from reading books after we welcomed a newborn to our home)
  7. Community Outreach (there’s several passionate leaders now part of this small group).
  8. A College & Careers small group.

I absolutely love filling the gap & then having someone else take over. When someone else is able to take over leadership then it gives me more time to do something else. I also LOVE to figure out what someone is gifted in/passionate about and help to plug them into meaningful service. That gives me great joy.

I guess in a way, I like being an entrepreneur. In regards to entrepreneurship, lately, there’s been a new stirring in my heart to combine my skills & experiences as a social worker in church ministry. More specifically, I’ve thought of maybe doing public speaking/training on specific topics. Some examples might be: Assertiveness Training (can include conflict resolution + boundaries), Social Justice, Marriage, Financial Freedom, How to talk to your kids about sex, etc. etc. We’ll see! I am returning to full-time work in April. But my heart is definitely bent towards creating teaching topics that may help spur people on towards health. And the hope would be that non-church folk may be interested in a teaching topic as well!

We’ll see what 2016 has in store. First and foremost, I hope that I grow in my relationship with God and that I love others better. In the end, that’s all that matters.  And we’ll see if I can take baby steps towards this new heart stirring. If you’re married to a pastor and reading this, please remember that how we each serve in the church is not better or worse, just different.  You are amazing at being you.

5 thoughts on “Pastor’s Wife resume: reflections on the last 5 yrs & a heart stirring”

    1. Thank you for your comment! While not motivated by praise or recognition (these are often lacking for the spouse of the pastor), it sure is nice to hear a “thank you” from time to time! 🙂

  1. Rachel, it is so refreshing to read about your heart for ministry as a pastor’s wife. You are doing it so right. Definitely if we try to fit the old mold we will suffocate and be useless. You are using your gifts and talents and just who you are to serve your church and seeing great fruit.
    I have not been able to be a “typical” pastor’s wife.
    I enjoy your posts, your honesty, and am greatly encouraged by them.

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