The importance of multicultural toys

As much as I’m not super girly with our daughter (rarely have her in dresses), there’s just something special about buying her first doll.

After much thought & reading the following article, “Maybe White Girls Should Play With Black Dolls“, I went searching on amazon for a non-Caucasian doll. I figure that she will be given plenty of Caucasian dolls as a child and I really want her to have dolls to play with that look different than her.

When Barbie and Christie went joyriding, it was all fun and games, but it also laid an early foundation for a vision of partnership and a level playing field for women, regardless of color. That’s why I encourage young girls, and especially white girls, to collect multicultural dolls. I believe that we can all embrace one another’s ideas, experiences and potential to make connections. But first we have to see one another as sisters. What starts in play could lead to real and important work.

In the end, I couldn’t decide between the following two dolls. So I bought them both! They won’t be here in time for Christmas so they will be for her 1st birthday. Both are by JC Toys and available on Love them and can’t wait to give these dolls to our baby girl.

….just as black girls are encouraged to play with diverse dolls so that they can see black as fun, beautiful and worthy, maybe white girls should be, too.

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