9 months

You will be 9 months old on January 4th and I can’t believe how much you are changing!

You are starting to enjoy your baths as you chew on toys and splash a little. This is great to see as watching you cry/scream out of fear wasn’t fun (lasted for a couple of weeks but now you are good to go in your bath tub in the bathroom).

Crawling, crawling, crawling. You are fast at the army crawl (pushing off with your right foot). If we let you lose on the floor, you want everything that is not your toy!

We bought a large play pen for you but like everything other thing that contains a baby, you aren’t a fan. You cry and cry. We get maybe 5-10 minutes (at most) of you playing nicely in there first thing in the morning or after a nap. Then the rest of the day, you want to held on the hip by mom or dad.

You started saying, “mum mum mum…momma” etc last week. You mostly say it when you are crying or upset. I am thinking that you associate “mum” with “pick me UP!” as I used to say, “UP! Mumma” when I’d lift you out of the play yard. You lift your arms over your head as a signal for us to pick you up at times.

You were 16 lbs 4 oz at 8 months. So still a small thing but many comment on how STRONG you are. You’re sitting up unassisted so well.

We had a wonderful 1st Christmas with you – just us three. You enjoyed opening your 3 presents (our new tradition). You knew how to rip the wrapping paper. You enjoy the stacking blocks that we got you. Anytime Dad or I built a tower you come along immediately to knock it down. Every time! 🙂

You love animals (cats and dogs). You’re rather ticklish (neck, hands, feet, and of course – the arm pits!). Your stranger anxiety seems to be decreasing. You enjoy going to people more and more. You like being out and about.

I ask you every morning if I can “eat you for breakfast”. I never thought I’d be one of those people who says often that their kid is so cute that they want to eat them! I tell you that you’re the cutest baby in the world every day. Dad tells you that you’re a cute baby every day too!

You meet us at the end of your crib when you are up from a nap — just as I hear you doing now! Time to end this post. We love you baby girl. You changed our lives so much in 2015 and we look forward to 2016 with you on our hip (well, more likely you’ll be walking away from us in 2016!).

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